Best hydraulic industrial oil for hydraulic equipment

what are the best hydraulic industrial oil for hydraulic equipment

How does hydraulic equipment function and what is the best hydraulic industrial oil?
Hydraulic equipment is machinery that makes use of liquid fluid power (hydraulic industrial oil) in order to perform work. Although most commonly used by heavy construction vehicles, such systems are actually present in the braking system of our cars, as well! The mechanism of such equipment involves hydraulic fluid being pumped to various hydraulic motors and hydraulic cylinders through the machine. Usually, the fluid is controlled either directly or automatically by controlled valves and then distributed through hoses, tubes or pipes. Based on the resistance put up against the fluid, pressure is produced. Thus, pressure of the fluid multiplies pressure put on it to increase the force at the output.

In other words.
In order to simplify the process, remember that hydraulic systems are based on Pascal’s law, which clearly states that pressure, when applied to a fluid inside a closed system, will transmit that very pressure equally, everywhere, and in all directions. This further, explains the popularity of hydraulic machinery – large amounts of power that is easily transferred through small tubes and flexible hoses, leading to huge multiplication of forces, making heavy lifting and/or building work, much easier.

what is the best hydraulic industrial oil

So what leads to such high output?
Within a hydraulic system, there are components that put the incompressible fluid under pressure. Since this hydraulic oil cannot press into a smaller space, the force applied to it gets transferred to the other end – so the pressure exerted from the oil allows you to increase the amount of work the system can do without increasing the effort you put into it. A small joystick movement is sufficient to lift not only a bulldozer’s bucket, but also whatever is to be moved, eventually.

how does hydraulic equipment function

How do modern hydraulic systems differ from the traditional ones?
Demands placed on hydraulic systems are only getting harder and harder to meet with time. These consistently change with regards to higher efficiency and speed required due to higher operating temperatures and pressures.

most common types of hydraulic industrial oil for hydraulic equipment

So how do you maximise your vehicle’s output and efficiency? By using the right hydraulic oil! And what sets apart a good fluid from the several subpar products in the market? Here are some parameters your chosen fluid must precede in:

  • Sustaining extreme pressures

  • Working well with increasingly compact designs

  • Follow stricter emissions standards And these are factors that you must consider before purchasing fluids for your hydraulic systems:

  • Thermal stability

  • Hydrolytic stability

  • Low chemical corrosiveness

  • High anti-wear characteristic

  • Low tendency to cavitate

  • Long life

  • Total water rejection

  • Consistent viscosity

Is there a hydraulic industrial oil that is the perfect fit for your vehicle?
It might seem impossible to find the perfect industrial oil, which is why we bring them to you, sparing you the hassle of any trouble.

The Divyol Hydraulic Oils (type C) are made from hydro treated base stocks (water white) having excellent thermal and hydrolytic stability. These oils are fortified with carefully selected antioxidants, anti-wear, anti-rust and anti-foam additives. And are highly recommended for modern mobile hydraulic equipment manufactured by Escorts, JCB, ACE, Sany etc. with an ISO VG grade of 32, 46, 68 & 100.


So look no further to exceed every need your vehicle has. Choose smart and opt for Divyol Hydraulic Oil Type C – The best hydraulic industrial oil in the market!

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