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transmission oil

Transmission oils are lubricants that are used in internal-combustion engines. These oils are usually a blend of synthetic and mineral oils, with the synthetic oils making up the majority of the mix. Vehicle transmission fluids also typically include additives to help in their ability to resist wear, tear, heat, and friction.

There are different types of transmission fluids, namely the automatic transmission oil used in automatic vehicles only, and the manual transmission oil for manual transmission vehicles.

As a leading transmission oil manufacturing company, Gandhar offers a range of vehicle transmission fluids under our flagship brand Divyol. Divyol’s product range brings specially formulated oils for the modern automatic transmission cars.

Features Of Transmission Oil

Divyol transmission fluids are blended from premium quality base stocks and advanced additives. Features of them include:


Protection of the critical and complex transmission components


Superior dispersant for maximum anti-wear


Effective anti-oxidation and de-foaming properties


Ideal friction characteristics for smooth transmission performance


Smoother ride for a longer period

Properties Of Transmission Fluids

As transmission oil suppliers, the transmission fluids offered by us come with the following exclusive properties:

Applications of Transmission Oil

Uses of these oils include:

  • They are ideal for automatic transmission and power steering units of automobiles and light vehicles.
  • Transmission fluids are used to lubricate the gears and prevent wear in a transmission system.
  • They help your car maintain the right temperature to run smoothly.
  • Transmission fluids can also be used for other purposes, such as changing the colour of your car’s paint job or removing road grime from your tires.
  • It can also be used as a lubricant for other moving parts such as chains, belts, and pulleys.
Why Gandhar Oil is Well Known as a Transmission Grease Manufacturer

Gandhar Oil Refinery has positioned itself as a competent transmission oil manufacturer, providing customised transmission oil lubricants to customers across the globe. Our dedicated team continuously researches the latest vehicle transmission fluid developments and provides quality service to a range of industries. Our consumers span continents, being 4K+ strong in India alone. The faith our clientele puts in us says more than enough about our performance as a transmission oil manufacturing company.

Transmission Oil FAQs

If you find yourself with a transmission fluid leak, there are a few things you can do to fix it yourself. First, stop the car and put it in the park so the wheels are not turning. Then, find the transmission fluid leak and look for a hole in the metal where the fluid is coming out. If you can’t find the leak, you can use a flashlight to look through the hole and see if you can spot it. If you still can’t find the leak, take the car to a repair shop to have them find it for you.

It’s important to do a transmission fluid change every 3,000 miles, or when it starts to smell burnt.