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Automotive Oil

CNG Engine Oil

CNG oil is important for all CNG-operated vehicles as it keeps the engine from wearing down in less time. Gandhar Oil manufactures the Divyol ENVO range, a high-quality CNG engine oil range for various automobiles. Engine oil for CNG cars and other automobiles keeps pollutants out of the engine valves and ensures the least wear and tear on the metal parts. It also smoothens the valves’ operations and improves engine performance. It is important not just for protection but also for performance enhancement. Gandhar oil is one of the best CNG engine oil producers in India. CNG oil produced by Gandhar Oil has a superiority tag because of the shear stable viscosity improvement and high-quality white base oils that it contains.

Features Of CNG Oil

  • The CNG engine oil provides low ash forming in the engine after combustion, along with a high TBN retention.
  • With the use of DIvyol CNG oil, the control of deposits in the engine and oil oxidation improves.
  • Being one of the best CNG engine oil suppliers, Gandhar oil also ensures that the product provides excellent cold-weather start and pump ability.
  • ENVO range of CNG oil also prevents the thermal and oxidative breakdown of the engine parts.
  • The excellent low volatility characteristics of the CNG engine oil provide oil consumption control from the engine parts.
  • All the products from the ENVO range are API CF certified, which gives them a superior stance in the market.

Specification/Properties Of CNG Oil








Clear & Bright

Clear & Bright

Clear & Bright

Kinematic Viscosity@100 °C, cSt

ASTM D 445




Flash point, COC, °C,





Pour Point, °C,


Minus 12

Minus 24

Minus 21

TBN mg KOH/g

ASTM D 2896




Sulphated ash,

ASTM D 874




Applications Of CNG Oil

  • The ENVO SAE and F ranges are formulated with high-grade white base oils that can be used in multiple automotive engines.
  • The CNG engine oil has applications in all LPG and CNG engine-based vehicles.
  • Cars, Jeeps, Vans and other vehicles operating on gas are the first choice for CNG engine oil, as the engine parts are vulnerable to combustion deposits and frequent wear and tear.
  • Divyol range of CNG oil range is also suitable for four-stroke three-wheelers operating on natural gas. OEMs like Bajaj and Piaggio produce CNG-based three-wheelers that are a good choice for such CNG engine oil.
  • Multigrade CNG engine oil can be used all year for protection and performance enhancement purposes.
  • CNG oil can also be used in buses and delivery vans that operate on CNG or LPG engines.

How Gandhar Oil Is A Well Known Brand For CNG Oil

Gandhar Oil has been in the business for over 25 years, growing as a large force in the industry. The Divyol SAE and F range of CNG engine oil is taking over the market since it provides high-grade white oil-based engine oil. The product passed to the market is highly viscous and has performance-enhancing properties. It helps the CNG engine to work even in lower temperatures without wear and tear. This is all possible because of Gandhar’s research and development team. We focus on continuous innovation to improve our products. We also keep taking feedback from the customers to understand our shortcomings. Gandhar has therefore become a market leader due to its customer-oriented approach.

Lubricant Coolant FAQs

According to the CNG engine oil specifications, the engine must be protected from unnecessary wear and tear. The continuous motion of the valves and other metal parts causes friction. This is reduced by adding a layer of white base oil and water-based CNG engine oil. The oil also keeps deposits away from the engine core, improving performance.

There are a lot of products in the market, but the customers should choose the ones with water and white oil base. Moreover, API CF compliance is a must for customers’ CNG engine oil. Divyol range of CNG oil is superior in the market as it contains all the required specifications.