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2 Stroke Motorcycle Oil

2 stroke motorcycle oil

2 stroke motorcycle oil is a dense liquid used to maintain 2 stroke motorcycle engines. It protects the engine from all kinds of wear and tear, and reduces any fuel-combustion related impacts on the engine.

Gandhar Oil’s range of motorbike oils keep the engine clean and improve fuel efficiency. Under our flagship brand Divyol, we provide 2 stroke motorbike oils that not only meet, but exceed international quality requirements.

Features of 2 Stroke Motorcycle Oils

Low ash content

They have low ash content to provide proper lubrication to the engine.

Fuel efficiency

2 stroke bike engine oil improves the fuel efficiency of the engine, along with maintaining cleanliness.

Saves Cost

It saves costs and ensures excellent engine performance by keeping combustion by-products out of the engine.

Properties of 2 Stroke Motorcycle Oil

Some usual characteristics of 2 stroke bike engine oils include:

Applications of 2 Stroke Motorcycle Oils

Out of the many uses of 2 stroke bike engine oils, there are:

  • Providing both energy and lubrication to the engine.
  • Keeping the engine cool.
  • Keeping the engine safe from frictional tear.
  • 2 stroke motorcycle oils are also an effective lubricant for the crankshaft, connecting rods, and cylinder walls.
Why Gandhar Oil is one of the Top 2 Stroke Motorcycle Oil Manufacturers Across the World

As a company over two decades old, we bring a certain extent of expertise with our diverse range of products that not many of our contemporaries can claim to have. Our dedicated team relies on innovation and latest technologies to bring new products to the market according to the changing needs of our customers. Gandhar has earned the faith of over 4K Indian customers already, in addition to around 200 overseas brands. All these factors prove our excellence as 2 stroke motorcycle oil suppliers you can trust.

2 Stroke Motorcycle Oil FAQs

A 2 stroke oil mix provides lubrication and energy specifically to a 2 stroke engine, therefore it’s always wise to use a 2 stroke motorcycle oil for your 2 stroke motorbike.

Using a low ash content-based 2 stroke motorcycle oil is a good decision, as they keep the engine healthy for a longer period of time and increase fuel efficiency.