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Automotive Oil

Diesel Exhaust Fluid

DEF reduces the air pollution a diesel engine causes. DEF is usually a careful mixture of urea and deionized water into the diesel exhaust fluid, which breaks down the created NOx into safe nitrogen and water molecules. As seasoned diesel exhaust fluid manufacturers, Gandhar Oil brings the Divyol Ecoblue under our flagship brand, Divyol.

Features of Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Features of DEF include:
  • The heat from the exhaust, the fluid, and a catalyst combine to transform the NOx into innocuous gasses when DEF is introduced into the diesel exhaust stream.
  • Divyol Ecoblue is a high quality, highly pure non-toxic aqueous urea solution for NOx reduction. It meets and exceeds SO 22241-1: 2006, S 17042 (PART 1): 2018 performance standards.
  • Divyol Ecoblue is specially developed for SCR enabled BS IV engines. It is ideal for modern commercial vehicles like diesel trucks, long haul fleets and buses; and suitable also for other BS IV / VI or (Euro IV / V / VI) compliant diesel engines employing SCR / EGR-SCR technology.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid Specifications

Applications for Diesel Exhaust Fluids

Divyol Ecoblue provides excellent protection for the SCR catalyst. It prevents gummy deposits in the tailpipe and fouling and clogging of the spray nozzles. Here are some other use cases of the diesel exhaust fluid:
  • Agriculture – Your machines must be in top order, operating in cornfields, orange groves, or cattle farms. DEF helps you achieve that.
  • Automotive – The deployment of SCR systems in passenger cars by several manufacturers worldwide necessitates DEF compliance with NOx reduction rules. As diesel exhaust fluid manufacturers, Gandhar Oil provides you with only high-quality products and advises you on the best refilling technology.
  • Marine – In 2000, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) first mandated restrictions on NOx emissions, and since then, those rules have been tightened. Due to their enormous capacity for pollution and the fact that some marine diesel engines are easily the size of a home, SCR and DEF play a significant role in cleaning up these vehicles.
  • Trucking – These vehicles travel millions of miles throughout their lifespans, and their powerful diesel engines consume a lot of gasoline. As you may expect, these vehicles use a lot of DEF.
Why Gandhar Oil is a Well Known Brand Among Diesel Exhaust Fluids Manufacturers

As an experienced diesel exhaust fluid manufacturing company, Gandhar Oil provides you with customized DEF-related services to meet your industry-specific requirements. Our customer base spans continents as a testament to the quality and capabilities of our wide, diverse range of products. What’s more, our experienced team of researchers is always keeping track of market data and customer demands to come up with yet newer products.  

Diesel Exhaust Fluid FAQs

No, DEF is a non-flammable, non-toxic, non-polluting solution. When handled correctly, DEF is safe to handle and store, and offers no significant risk to people, animals, tools, or the environment.

If DEF spills, keep the liquid contained and soak it up with an inert, non-combustible absorbent substance, such as sand. For disposal, shovel the trash into an appropriate container. Avoid spills that could go down the drain. To clean up a spilled substance in a drain, use lots of water.