Transformer Oil Manufacturer

Transformer oils or insulating oils are a special type of oil with significant electrical insulating properties. Transformer oils are designed to help keep the windings intact at elevated temperatures and work by preventing the formation of arcing or corona discharges between the winding, transformer core, and surrounding environment. Transformer oils also have excellent anti-oxidative properties.

Types of Transformer Oils

Gandhar Oil Refinery, as a leading transformer oil manufacturing company, offers a wide range of products in transformer oils under our flagship brand name Divyol. We also focus on each individual product to meet the specific needs of our customers. We have successfully reached the skyline in the competitive market because of our customers’ trust in our quality and high performance transformer oils, including:

Transformer Oil Applications and Use

There can be two major uses of transformer oils, which are:

  • Transformer Oil as a Coolant: Transformers get heated due to the copper coil carrying high current voltages; in such cases, oil cooled transformers can come to the rescue by acting as coolants. An insulating oil filled transformer plays a great role in reducing the temperature of coils and the transformer and also does a better job than water or other liquids.
  • Transformer Oil as an Insulator: Being named insulating oil, of course the oil used in transformers acts as an insulator. It helps maintain the supply of electrical current at a constant voltage and protects the transformer from high voltage damage by acting as an insulator.
GandharOil's Transformer Oil Benefits

Divyol Transformer Oils are manufactured from carefully selected base oils, refined to a high level of purity. Owing to their unique chemical properties, dielectric strength, and high-purity edge, they can be optimised to comply with stringent international standards with better transformer oil purification methods to optimise health, safety, and performance. We have over 4K Indian and more than 200 international customers putting their faith in our products, which says more than enough about why Gandhar Oil is counted among the best transformer oil distributors across the globe.

Transformer Oil FAQs

Transformer oils are majorly used either as an insulator or as a coolant. These oils are also used in industrial applications where they can be used in place of hydraulic fluids or greases.

For the longer life of a transformer, we need to take care of the quality of the transformer oils and their usage. Oil quality affects the life and performance of primary or secondary windings in a transformer.