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Textile Machinery Lubricants

Textile lubricants are used in the textile industry to keep the machinery in use from breaking down. They provide great lubricity, and also protect machine components from rust and oxidation-based corrosion.

As experienced textile lubricant oil manufacturers, Gandhar Oil brings textile machinery lubricants under our flagship brand Divyol. They can be used in textile looms, knitting machines, and spindles, among other things.

Features of Textile Machinery Lubricants

Light-coloured Mineral Oils

Textile lubricants are light-coloured mineral oils.

Protect Against Frictional Damage

Divyol Knitting Oils protect against frictional damage.

High Lubricity

Lubricants used in the textile industry have high lubricity and non-foaming properties.

Meets the Needs

They contain selected additives to protect the machinery from corrosion and temperature damage.


Dark Texture

Lubrication for textile machinery has high thermal stability, which protects the machine components from heat damage.

Properties of Textile Machinery Lubricants

Applications of Textile Machinery Lubricants

Textile machinery lubricants can have many use cases, namely:

  • They protect machine components like spindle machines, knitting mills, looms, etc.
  • Divyol Loom Oils are specifically designed for oil loss systems of textile looms.
  • Divyol Knitting Oils are used for automatic circular knitting machines.
  • They provide machinery with rust and oxidation protection.
  • Textile machinery lubricants may also act like a heat sink for the moving components.
Why Gandhar Oil is Well Known as a Textile Lubricant Oil Manufacturing Company

Gandhar Oil has gradually come to be trusted by many renowned names in the textile industry for our quality products and customer support services. Our constant drive for improvement and our reliance on continuous innovations to keep up with market demands with our products are also two major factors in our success as textile lubricant oil suppliers. What’s more, our diverse range of products can even be customised to your needs.

Textile Machinery Lubricants FAQs

Taking the case of an automated circular knitting machine, the components inside keep rotating and moving at high speed, generating a lot of heat and damaging the metal parts. Textile lubricants protect these parts from the heat damage, and provide a protective layer against oxidation and rust.

Lubrication for textile machinery is required in automated knitting machines, spindles, textile looms, and other heavy and small machinery that work continuously. At Gandhar Oil, we have lubrication solutions for all sorts of textile machines.