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Three Wheeler Grease

Gandhar Oil, a three wheeler grease company, has been in the industry since 1993 and has provided product satisfaction to its customers with its flagship range of products. The Divyol product range (Divyol Auto grease) of three wheeler grease is necessary for all vehicles to function at our optimum level. Grease is important for all metal parts to work without wear and tear. Divyol, the three wheeler grease range, performs well under high friction and temperature conditions. Gandhar produces high-quality NLGI 2 Lithium three-wheeler grease, which is good for the bearings, joints and other parts. It has good oxidation stability, mechanical stability and performance under rigorous conditions. So, the Divyol range of three wheeler grease contains all the important properties required for lubrication and protection.

Features Of Three Wheeler Grease

  • Divyol range of three wheeler grease is known for its high water resistance and temperature resistance.
  • It contains good-yielding high-grade base oils and a calcium-based formula for best performance under constant wear and tear.
  • Three wheeler grease contains lithium for extending its lubricative and protective strength provided to the parts.
  • Grease ensures that there is no roughness between the surfaces, reducing the wear and tear performance of the metal parts.
  • Divyol three wheeler grease has a fibrous structure, high shear stability and great adhesion to the metal bearings and other parts.
  • Divyol range is ISO certified and performs well under all weather conditions.

Specification/Properties Of Three Wheeler Grease







Smooth & shiny

Smooth & shiny

Type of thickener




Worked penetration,@25°C,60 strokes

ASTM D 217



Drop Point, °C

ASTM D 2265



Resistant to water washout @80°C,% wt .loss, max

ASTM D 1264



Copper corrosion @100°C for 24 hrs

ASTM D4048



Applications Of Three Wheeler Grease

  • Three wheeler lubricants and grease manufacturers usually make it for autos and electric vehicles.
  • Automotives like those made by Bajaj, Piaggio, M&M, and so on can use three-wheeler grease to keep the metal parts safe from wear and tear.
  • Three wheeler grease companies usually make white lithium grease which can also be used for motorcycles as it is thin enough for the bearings and the shafts.
  • The water resistance of the Divyol range of three wheeler grease makes it perfect for exposed parts like the chain sprocket.
  • The light coating of grease also keeps the shaft from seizing into the bearings. All such properties are carefully monitored by the three wheeler grease manufacturers when they produce these products.
  • OEM companies recommend using three wheeler grease to keep the automotive safe and have a long run.
How Gandhar Oil Is A Well Known Brand For The Three Wheeler Grease

Gandhar Oil has been in operation since 1993. We deal in all kinds of automotive oils and grease. We are one of the biggest three wheeler grease distributors in India. This is all because of our strong motto of continuous innovation. We operate through customer feedback and consider them to improve our product line. Gandhar’s management team is highly progressive, and we keep brainstorming ideas over how to service the three wheeler grease market and other products.

Three Wheeler Grease FAQs

Three wheeler grease is an important part of automotive maintenance. It helps to keep the moving parts safe from wear and tear. The continuous motion creates a lot of friction and generates heat that can damage the parts. Lithium grease creates a thin layer of lubrication over which the moving parts slide with lesser friction.

Gandhar Oil is one of the country’s biggest three wheeler grease manufacturers. We provide white lithium grease with high-grade base oils. Moreover, the quality of the product they give is superior in the market.