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Heavy Liquid Paraffin Oil

Heavy liquid paraffin oil is a colourless to light yellowish viscous liquid. At Gandhar Oil, under our flagship brand name Divyol, we manufacture  heavy paraffin oils produced from highly refined hydro-cracked / hydro-treated base oil with a high degree of purity to meet IP / BP / USP standards. They have excellent oxidation / UV stability and are suitable for application in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food industries for direct and indirect food contact.

Features Of Heavy Liquid Paraffin Oil

Manufactured from Refined Oils

It is manufactured from refined oils that are processed so that they turn into a form of solid white wax.

Usually Biologically Stable

Heavy liquid paraffin oils are usually biologically stable, but they can’t tolerate any type of pathogenic bacteria.

Do Not Constitute Any Aromatic Hydrocarbons

They usually do not constitute any aromatic hydrocarbons, which gives them better lubricating and insulating properties.

An Excellent Lubricant for Cuts

The density of heavy paraffin oil makes it an excellent lubricant for cuts, wounds, and sprains, as well as joint pain relief.

Properties of Heavy Liquid Paraffin Oil

Liquid Paraffin Heavy Uses

Some of the liquid paraffin heavy uses are:

  • As gas turbine fuel and diesel fuel turbine
  • In propulsion systems and equipment
  • In medical fields (i.e., deep tissue therapies like ultrasound massage)
  • In agriculture (i.e., as a pesticide).
  • Due to its high viscosity, it is also used as a draining lubricant for various parts and tools, which makes them last much longer than other fluids like grease or grease-based compounds.
  • Heavy paraffin is also increasingly gaining popularity in the homoeopathic treatment of various diseases. It is a safe, inexpensive, and highly effective laxative used to treat a long list of diseases without any side effects or reactions.
  • Heavy paraffin oil is also used in manufacturing as a packaging medium, as vapour phase drying solvents, and in thinning thick paints.
Why Gandhar Oil is Well Known as a Heavy Liquid Paraffin Oil Manufacturer

Gandhar is well diversified in base oils and has a plant capacity of 600 TPD Liquid Paraffin and 240 TPD HFY Oil at Ujjain, MP. Apart from this, we have multiple plants which produce industrial oils and lubricants. We have also set up a consultancy wing to guide customers with application-specific solutions for their industries.

Our 4K+ Indian clientele and over 200 international corporates placing their faith in us signifies Gandhar’s excellence as a heavy liquid paraffin oil manufacturer. Our consistent attempts to bring newer, more innovative products to the market as per customer demands further speaks of our credibility.

Heavy Liquid Paraffin Oil FAQs

Because of its highly explosive nature and flammability, heavy liquid paraffin oil should be kept well away from any heat source. Another essential precaution is to store cans of heavy liquid paraffin oil in a cool, well-ventilated place, ideally out of direct sunlight.

Paraffin is a very safe product and poses a little health risk when handled correctly. In fact, with proper storage, it can have an indefinite shelf life.