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Industrial Oil Manufacturer

Spark Erosion Oil

These products are a blend of lubricants and additives that can help prevent corrosion and wear to your car engine. As spark erosion oils manufacturers, Gandhar Oil brings to you Divyol Spark Erosion Oils- these are highly refined mineral oils with a narrow boiling range. They’re manufactured to meet the di-electric strength requirements of their end users. 

Features of Spark Erosion Oil

Low Viscosity

They have a low viscosity, so they do not get stuck in metal like some other oils.

Enhance Corrosion Resistance

Divyol Calibration Oil is a blend containing select additives that enhance corrosion resistance and oxidation stability.

Suitable for Manufacturing Processes

It is suitable for manufacturing processes due to precisely controlled viscosity, density, safer and higher flash points and lower aromatic hydrocarbon content.

Low Volatility

It also has low volatility and is colourless.

Special Additive System

Divyol Filter Testing Oil has a special additive system so as to protect all the components of a fuel injection system against corrosion and prevents deposit formation.

Excellent Anti-wear

It has excellent anti-wear and anti-foaming properties, and a low cloud point and pour point.

Meets the Needs

It is also non-staining, low-fuming, and the least odorous.

Dark Texture

Divyol Spark Erosion Oil 25 has a long fluid life, anti-foaming properties, and excellent oxidation stability.

Properties of Spark Erosion Oil

Applications of Spark Erosion Oil

These oils have many applications across industries, namely:

  • Spark erosion oils create a protective barrier to keep your car from rusting. It can be applied with a brush or a spray gun, and used on wet and dry surfaces.
  • Divyol Calibration Oil can be used to calibrate flow rate and diesel fuel injection system pumps, injector nozzles and piping.
  • Divyol Filter Testing Oil can be used to flush diesel fuel injection system pumps and injector nozzles, and also for automotive filter testing.
  • Divyol Spark Erosion Oil 25 is specially formulated for use on all ferrous and non-ferrous metals and all EDM machines doing roughing as well as fine finishing.
  • It works especially well for very fine spark erosion machining operations, particularly in small EDM machines.
Why Gandhar Oil is a Globally Acclaimed Spark Erosion Oils Company

Gandhar Oil is a competent spark erosion oils manufacturer, with over two decades of experience. Our diverse range of products can be customised to meet your needs. We believe in continuous innovations so we can keep up with changing market trends at all times, and our products are trusted to a broad pool of clients both Indian and international. All these factors definitely show why we are always one step ahead of our contemporaries, and prove our worth as globally renowned spark erosion oils suppliers.

Spark Erosion Oil FAQs

Spark erosion is a process that uses an electric spark to remove the surface layer of material. This process creates a rough, textured surface on a material like metal or glass.

These oils can be applied with a brush or a spray gun.