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Automotive Gear Oil

automotive gear oil

Automotive gear oil is a type of lubricant mainly made for transmissions, transfer cases, and differentials in automobiles and other machinery. It helps the automobile run smoothly and protects critical internal parts in a vehicle’s gear system.

As experienced automotive gear oil manufacturers, Gandhar Oil Refinery offers a wide range of automotive gear oils under our flagship brand name Divyol.

Features of Automotive Gear Oil

Exceed Standards

Divyol automotive gear oils meet and exceed OEM standards for cars, vans, and commercial vehicles.

Improves Efficiency

They improve the efficiency of transmissions and axles under moderate to severe load and pressure conditions.

Protection Against Wear

They also ensure the highest protection against wear and corrosion.

Properties of Automotive Gear Oil

Being automotive gear oil distributors, Gandhar Oil offers a range of automotive gear oils with the following specifications:

Automotive Gear Oil Uses

Applications of Divyol passenger car engine oils include:

  • Providing protection against sludge and wear for a long period of time.
  • Keeping car parts lubricated over a wide variety of temperatures.
  • Keeping critical components like piston, turbo-charger and seal clean.
  • Since fuel economy gets maximised; so does oil consumption, leading to less frequent oil changing.
Why Gandhar Oil is Well Known as an Automotive Gear Oil Manufacturing Company Around the World

The Gandhar Group of Companies is one of India’s fastest-growing corporate entities with a global network of branches and offices. Having spent more than 25 years in the field, Gandhar Oil is committed to producing automotive gear oils customised to the requirements of our consumers. We have served over 4K Indian customers and yet 200 more users overseas- which is a testament to our excellence as an automotive gear oil manufacturing company.

Automotive Gear Oil FAQs

Divyol automotive gear oil is used to provide equipment with thermal stability at all temperatures and improve their working conditions.

Divyol automotive gear oils are made using base oils and special additives so they can deliver unmatched performance.