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Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil

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Heavy duty diesel engine oils are specifically created lubricants for commercial transport, agriculture, or mining equipment and vehicles fueled by diesel. Gandhar Oil Refinery, one of the top heavy diesel engine oil manufacturers around the world, offers a broad assortment of heavy duty diesel engine oils under our flagship brand name Divyol. Divyol’s range of heavy duty diesel engine oils are suitable for light, medium, and heavy commercial vehicles, and also new low emission engines with ULSD.

Features Of Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil

Divyol heavy duty diesel motor oils are created from high quality base oils with select premium quality additives. Among our heavy duty engine oils, there is Divyol Disol CG4 15W40, that is-

Euro II and Euro III Norms

Designed to meet Euro II and Euro III norms as well as the stringent low exhaust emission standards.

Superior Base Oils

Is a unique formulation of superior base oils and additives that helps maintain a very clean engine.

High Performance Standards

The oil meets and exceeds API CG4 / SJ performance standards

There is also Divyol Disol D30, which is-

High Quality Base Oils

Formulated using high quality base oils with premium quality additives.

High Performance Standards

Meets and exceeds performance standards of API CF, MAN 270, ACEA E2, MB 228.0 and MTU category 1.

Properties Of Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil

Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil Uses

Divyol heavy duty diesel engine oils are suitable for both on and off-highway diesel engines, naturally aspirated and turbocharged 4-stroke diesel engines, and construction equipment. Applications of Gandhar’s heavy duty diesel motor oils include:

  • Divyol Disol CG4 15W40 is ideal for constant high speed engines and stop-start applications operating under severe conditions.
  • It offers excellent protection against corrosion.
  • It provides good thermal and oxidation stability with superior detergent and dispersant qualities to control high amounts of deposits and soot. All these benefits add up to enhanced equipment life and reduced maintenance costs.
  • Divyol Disol D30 is ideal for turbo charged, inter-cooled engines, non-vehicular equipment like pumps which operate under steady state conditions, and various construction equipment as well.
  • It provides excellent lubrication under severe service conditions.
  • It also provides complete protection against corrosion, piston deposits and soot, thus maintaining a clean engine and enhancing its life.
Why Gandhar Oil is a Well Known Brand Among Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil Manufacturers

Gandhar’s extensive list of products when it comes to automotive oils (and heavy duty diesel engine oils in particular), as well as our constant drive for innovation and improvement powered by market insights and customer demands are both massive reasons as to why we’re named among the best heavy duty diesel engine oil suppliers. The fact that our clientele already spans continents and has 4K+ participants in India alone certainly doesn’t hurt.

Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oil FAQs

Some benefits of a good heavy duty diesel motor oil would be:

  • Higher mileage and better pickup
  • Improved engine cleanliness and reduced vibrations
  • Wide range of viscosities
  • Prevents clogging of DPFs and SCRs
  • Excellent wear protection to maximise engine life
  • Extended service life of after-treatment systems

Contrary to popular belief, yes, it is okay to change your oil brand. However, you have to be cautious to choose the right oil grade, because if the new oil does not abide by the OEM specifications, it might damage your engine in the long run.