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Industrial Oil Manufacturer

Heat Transfer Fluid

Heat transfer liquids are used as a solution to the issue of overheating. As seasoned heat transfer liquid suppliers, Gandhar Oil brings Divyol Heat Transfer Fluids. This range of fluids under our flagship brand Divyol are manufactured from purified paraffinic oils with a high viscosity index.

Features of Heat Transfer Fluid

High Boiling Point

Thermal oils have a high boiling point and a high heat capacity.

Low Viscosity Level

They also have a low viscosity level, which lets them flow with ease.

Low Freezing Point

Heat transfer liquids have a low freezing point.

Exceptional Oxidation Stability

The base stocks used in Divyol thermal oils have exceptional oxidation stability and are ideal for blending of heat transfer oils owing to their high thermal conductivity.

Properties of Heat Transfer Fluids

Applications of Heat Transfer Fluid

Heat transfer liquids are used actively for things like:

  • The process of polycondensation and polymerization of polyester, nylon processing, synthetic fibre production, and PET moulding operations.
  • Heat transfer fluids are also important in producing different types of chemicals, such as phthalic anhydride (PA), linear alkyl benzene (LAB), plasticizers, alcohols, and olefins. They are also used for a variety of other petrochemicals.
  • They are used in breweries to facilitate long-lasting, reliable, and consistent results by providing the required and proper cooling system and temperature control for fermentation.
Why Gandhar Oil is Well Known as a Heat Transfer Liquid Manufacturing Company

With our decades of experience in the oil and gas industry, Gandhar Oil brings a certain extent of experience with our diverse range of products that not many heat transfer fluid distributors can claim to have. Our customer base spans continents, and the faith they put in our products is more than enough proof of our excellence as heat transfer fluid suppliers. What’s more, our products can even be customised to suit your needs.

Heat Transfer Liquid FAQs

Some general features of heat transfer fluids may include:

  • A high boiling point.
  • A high heat capacity.
  • A low viscosity level.
  • A low freezing point.

When picking a heat transfer liquid, consider factors such as the temperature production needs and the expected service life of the fluid to make sure your system operates efficiently.