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Aromatic Oil

Aromatic oil is primarily a sub-category of rubber process oils and is compatible with many rubber polymers. They have high solvency and oxidation stability, which makes them a great ingredient in the production of tyres, treads, conveyor belts, automotive components, floor mats, and more.

As a rubber process oils company, Gandhar Oil brings aromatic oils under our flagship brand name Divyol to serve the needs of the rubber industry. The oil is dark in colour and compatible with the production of all rubber-based products where the end colour is not important.

Features of Aromatic Oil

Meets the Needs

Our aromatic oil meets the needs of manufacturers of NR, SBR, PBR, Butyl and EPDM based rubber products.

Dark Texture

It has a dark texture and a signature odour that can be smelled in various rubber-based products.


Gandhar Oil’s aromatic oil range is compatible with all rubber polymers.

Properties of Aromatic Oil

Applications of Aromatic Oil

These oils may have many use cases, such as:

  • Gandhar’s aromatic oil range is used in making rubber-based equipment like conveyor belts, automotive components, tyres, tread tyres, floor mats, etc.
  • They are used in products made out of polar rubbers like EPM and EPDM in butyl tubes and technically moulded products.
  • It is also applicable in manufacturing steam hoses and high-pressure water tubes.
Why Gandhar Oil is a Renowned Aromatic Oil Manufacturing Company

At Gandhar, we have always focused on providing the best quality products at affordable prices. Aromatic oil distributors like us make these products capable of polymer-based usage, so as to help in creating multiple rubber-based end products. We believe in continuous improvement and innovation, and our team of experts is always keen on providing products customised to our customers’ requirements.

As our broad customer base consisting of Indian and overseas users can confirm, if you’re looking for aromatic oil suppliers, Gandhar Oil will serve your needs just right.

Aromatic Oil FAQs

Aromatic oils have a signature elasticity enhancing property that helps make rubber products and also provides durability. This oil is also compatible with rubber polymers, making it the perfect choice for rubber industry usage. Moreover, aromatic oils are highly useful in producing tread tyres, floor mats, automotive components, etc.

Gandhar’s aromatic oil range is used in creating rubber-based equipment like conveyor belts, automotive components, tread tyres, floor mats, etc.