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Industrial Oil Manufacturer

Industrial Gearbox Oil

Industrial gearbox oils are lubricants manufactured specifically for differentials, transfer cases, and gearboxes in cars, trucks, and other such machines. It has a high consistency and typically comprises many chemicals, including sulphur. It is meant to be used for manual transmission.

Gearbox oils are of many types, like marine gearbox oil or automotive gearbox oil which can be made from mineral base oils or synthetic base oils.

Gandhar Oil Refinery is a globally renowned company among industrial gear oil suppliers. To ensure that machine gearboxes operate with the least amount of stress and the greatest amount of efficiency, under our flagship brand Divyol, we provide industrial gearbox oils that are made using premium base fluids.

Features Of Gearbox Oil

While contemporary gear boxes are light and compact, they are often challenged under severe operating conditions. Divyol industrial gear oils contain high-grade base oils and special additives to help such gear boxes perform with minimal stress and maximum efficiency.

Features of industrial gearbox oils include:

Good Viscosity

To provide cushioning and noiseless operation, a good viscosity is necessary. If the viscosity of the oil is too high, it can cause excessive friction and the deterioration of oil characteristics caused by a high operating temperature for the oil.

Good Adhesiveness

This quality in industrial gearbox oils aids in preventing lubricant loss caused by deflecting gravity-related forces or- particularly at high speeds- the centrifugal force.

Film Strength

Effective film strength helps avoid metal contact and gear teeth scratching.

Properties Of Gearbox Oil

As an industrial gear oil company, Gandhar offers several varied products under industrial gearbox oils. Specifications of these products include:

Applications & Uses Of Industrial Gearbox Oil

Some applications and uses of the industrial gearbox oil include:

  • Important components of your machines such as differentials, transaxles, transfer cases, manual gearboxes, and transmissions may get scoured, rusted, scratched, and pitted as a result of inadequate lubrication. Your machine performance may be hampered by this, which could ultimately require expensive repairs. Industrial gearbox oils are needed to avoid all these issues and provide smooth running.
  • Industrial gearbox oils help your machines and systems survive for a very long time.
  • In addition to protecting against surface wear and the deterioration of metal surfaces, industrial gearbox oils also cool the interior gearbox components.
  • The industrial gear oil has a high viscosity, so it can keep connected gears lubricated and padded against shocks and abrupt impacts.
Why Gandhar Oil is Well Known as an Industrial Gear Oil Manufacturing Company

Gandhar Oil is a top gear oil company that can offer you a wide range of industrial gearbox oils and premium quality service. To guarantee the flawless running of your gearbox, our industrial gearbox oils are made with the newest additions and formulations, and excel as per global quality standards. Our clientele consists of over 4K Indian users and more than 200 corporations across the globe. All of these factors say more than enough about our performance as an industrial gear oil manufacturing company.

Industrial Gearbox Oil FAQs

Before recommending a lubricant, inspecting and analysing the on-site equipment while it is in normal use would be ideal. Generally speaking, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI)/American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA) 9005-E02 standard can be used to advise an oil viscosity for your application.

You risk seriously damaging your machine’s gear systems if you don’t maintain your industrial gearbox oils per the industrial gear oil manufacturing company’s recommended timetable. This can necessitate expensive transmission repairs and part replacements.

The actual industrial gearbox oil requirements vary depending on the environmental conditions, how well it is maintained, and whether it is overloaded. The most popular gearbox maintenance methods are forced oil, grease lubrication, and oil splashing.