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Turbine Oil

Turbine oil issues seem to be the reason behind one in every five forced turbine outages. Among the various factors that can cause the degradation of turbine oil while in service are oxidation and thermal degradation. This is where Gandhar Oil’s high performing blends of turbine oil come in- products that are capable enough to protect the most high-maintenance machines.  

Divyol turbine oils are designed to meet the lubrication requirements of steam, gas, and water turbines over a wide range of operating conditions.

Features Of Turbine Oil

Turbine oils are formed by mixing these basic ingredients: base oil, oxidation inhibitors, corrosion inhibitors, defoamants, and also demulsifiers. Notably,  additives are added into the base oil at low levels to protect both the turbine oil and machine parts.

Features of turbine lubricating oils offered by Gandhar under our flagship brand title Divyol include:

High Quality Paraffinic Base Stock

Divyol Turbol turbine oils are formulated using high quality paraffinic base stock.

High Quality Paraffinic Base Stock

Divyol Turbol T grade turbine oils are manufactured from high quality paraffinic base stock.

Conform to Performance Standards

These oils conform to performance standards of IS-1012-2002 (Reaffirmed to 2013); BS: 489-1983; OEM: BHEL and GE turbine specifications; German Standard DIN 51515; and General Electric GEK 27070.

Conform to IS:1012-2002

Each grade of Divyol Turbo oils meet OEM turbine specifications as per BHEL and GE. They also conform to IS:1012-2002 (Reaffirmed to 2013), BS:489-1983 and German Standard DIN 51515 Part I.

Properties Of Turbine Lubricating Oil

Turbine Oil Uses

Turbine oils can be used for the following purposes:

  • Divyol turbine lubricating oils possess very high oxidation and chemical stability to resist corrosive action.
  • They also have excellent demulsibility, antifoaming, and anti-wear properties that provide effective protection from rust and corrosion.
  • Divyol turbine oils also enable the release of entrapped air from the system, thus preventing possible cavitations, air locks, etc. which usually impact turbine efficiency.
  • Divyol turbine lubricating oils provide high thermal stability, and they make way for a longer service life of the system as a whole.
Why Gandhar Oil is a Top Rated Turbine Oil Manufacturing Company

Compared to contemporary turbine oil manufacturers, Gandhar Oil brings a much varied assortment of turbine lubricating oils. Further, we’re constantly innovating and creating new products guided by market research and client demands. Our products can be customised according to your requirements, which is a big reason why over 4K users in India and more than 200 international corporations believe in us. All this ranks Gandhar Oil among top global turbine oil distributors you can trust.

Turbine Lubricating Oil FAQs

These oils are recommended for lubrication of turbo-compressors, and they are suitable for lubrication of plain as well as journal type bearings in steam, gas, and water turbines.

As turbine oil suppliers, it becomes pretty hard to give accurate estimates regarding a turbine lubricating oil’s longevity. The many factors that decide a turbine oil’s life include water, contamination, heat, operating hours, and of course, maintenance practices.