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Metal Drawing Compound

Metal drawing compounds are used in the heavy-duty metal-manufacturing industry. Wire drawing compounds are typically made up of a binder and a lubricant. The binder helps keep the lubricant on the surface of the metal while preventing it from being absorbed by the metal itself.

Features of Metal Drawing Compounds

As wire drawing oil distributors, Gandhar Oil brings a range of metal drawing compounds with the following features:

Features Differ

Features of metal drawing compounds differ from one wire drawing oil to another. For instance, the viscosity and hardness of copper compounds are less than aluminium wire drawing oil.

Suitability of a Lubricant

The suitability of a lubricant used in wire drawing operation depends on its viscosity, hardness, and coefficient of thermal expansion.

Help Reduce Friction

The wire drawing oil manufacturing compounds can also help reduce friction between the surfaces of two pieces of metal, thus decreasing the heating and allowing for easier movements.

Properties of Metal Drawing Compounds

Metal Drawing Compounds can be very beneficial to the longevity of your machinery. Some of the essential properties of our wire drawing lubricants include:

Applications of Metal Drawing Compounds

Uses of metal drawing compounds may include:

  • Metal drawing compounds are used to form metal sheets.
  • Metal drawing compounds are also used for cold drawing, which is usually applied to mild steel.
  • They can also be used for hot extrusion, which is applied to aluminium and copper alloys.
Why Gandhar Oil is Well-Known Among Wire Drawing Oil Manufacturers

Gandhar Oil Refinery has over two decades of experience as a wire drawing oil manufacturing company, and therefore our team is fully aware of the changing markets and consumer demands; we’re always looking to put forward a yet more diverse range of products created based on these factors. Our customers span continents, and our products keep up with the latest wire drawing lubricant formulation developments. All these are reasons behind Gandhar Oil being one of the most trusted wire drawing oil suppliers throughout India and beyond.

Wire Drawing Lubricants FAQs

Metal drawing compounds can be used as construction material for creating a smooth and level surface on the ground. This material can be applied to gravel, asphalt, concrete, etc. and is frequently used for creating parking lots and driveways.

The wire drawing process might depend upon the chemistry of the steel, approach angle, lubrication and other such factors.