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Industrial Oil Manufacturer

Pneumatic Tool Oil

Pneumatic tool lubricating oil is mainly used to lubricate and cool a tool’s piston, cylinder and other components. Pneumatic tool oil can act as a coolant to reduce friction between moving parts, suppress rust and corrosion, and keep down dirt and dust.

As veteran pneumatic tool oil manufacturers, Gandhar Oil brings Air Drill Oils under our flagship brand Divyol.

Features of Pneumatic Tool Oil

Low Viscosity

Pneumatic tool oils have a low viscosity so that they can be pumped through the system without any problems.

Good Chemical Stability

Divyol Air Drill Oils are formulated to obtain good chemical stability to prevent oxidation and the formation of deposits.

Low Pour-point

They have a low pour-point for easy flow and a high film strength for protection against wear.

Properties of Pneumatic Tool Oils

Applications of Pneumatic Tool Oil

Pneumatic tool oils find many uses across industries, namely:

  • Divyol Air Drill Oils are carefully formulated lubricant blends for use in all pneumatically operated rock drills in both underground and surface mining, wagon drills, chippers, and jack hammers in building and highway constructions. It has other industrial applications as well.
  • Central pneumatic air compressor oil helps reduce friction and wear between moving parts. The oil will keep the metal parts from rubbing together and generating heat.
  • The blend protects against rusting of machine internals, so machines can have longer service lives.
Why Gandhar Oil is Widely Known as Pneumatic Tool Oil Suppliers

Gandhar Oil Refinery is a well-known pneumatic tool oil manufacturing company with the highest industry flexibility to meet our users’ demands. Our diverse range of products is developed using high-quality raw materials, and meets international quality standards, rendering us one of the most competent pneumatic tool oil companies in the country.

Moreover, our products can be customised according to your needs. Over 4K Indian customers and around 200 overseas clients put their faith in us, which says enough about our reliability and efficiency as pneumatic tool oil manufacturers.

Pneumatic Tool Oil FAQs

Yes, that’s why you must ensure to apply the correct amount of pneumatic tool oil, or it will not function properly and may cause serious issues. To know the right quantity for application, you should always consult your manufacturer’s manual.

Pneumatic tool oil is not the same as hydraulic oil. They are two different types of lubricants with their own set of characteristics. Pneumatic tool oil is best used for low-pressure applications, while hydraulic oil is best for high-pressure applications.