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White Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly is a thick mix of mineral oils and waxes that appears as a semi solid jelly-like substance. Petroleum jelly is widely used as a skin care product, a lubricant, and also as a treatment for minor cuts and burns. Notably, petroleum jelly is also known as petrolatum or white vaseline, by the popular brand name.

Gandhar Oil Refinery, a broadly recognised name among white petroleum jelly manufacturers, offers snow white petroleum jelly, white petroleum jelly, and also yellow petroleum jelly under our flagship brand label Divyol.

Divyol Snow White Petroleum Jelly, White Petroleum Jelly, and Yellow Petroleum Jelly are odourless, tasteless, homogeneous mixtures of ultra-pure hydrogenated hydrocarbon oils and waxes. They are FDA-approved and their manufacture is in consonance with good manufacturing practices (GMP). Surpassing IP, USP, BP, and EP requirements, these products are used as base materials and release agents in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, health care (including baby care), and food processing, among other industries.

Features of White Petroleum Jelly Proffered by Gandhar

Divyol White Petroleum Jelly (WPJ) is a nearly odourless, tasteless, homogenous mixture of a high degree of purity of hydrogenated hydrocarbons, as mentioned before. Our Divyol White Petroleum Jellies are available in a wide range of grades to suit various applications, and they are manufactured in an FDA approved, GMP Facility and meets the current standards of US Pharmacopoeia (USP), British Pharmacopoeia (BP), European Pharmacopoeia (EP), Indian Pharmacopoeia (IP) and US FDA 21 CFR 172.880.

Divyol White Petroleum Jelly products are used as base material in pharmaceutical, cosmetic, healthcare, baby care and personal care products, aside from food processing and other industries.

Properties of Divyol White Petroleum Jelly

Uses Of White Petroleum Jelly

The many white petroleum jelly uses include:

  • White petroleum jelly for lips is one of the most common uses we hear of for WPJ; it protects our lips against dryness and chapping.
  • It is in general used as moisturiser to treat/prevent dry, rough, scaly, or itchy skin. White petroleum jelly creates a sealing barrier between cells in dry skin so that it locks in moisture, and can speed up the natural recovery of our skin.
  • The product is also used to treat minor skin irritations like rashes, cuts, or burns, like those from radiation therapy.
  • It is used to treat dry hands; WPJ is used after washing hands, and usually applied throughout the day.
  • White petroleum jelly is also used to treat diaper rashes.
  • WPJ can help reduce the appearance of fine, dry lines.
Why Gandhar Oil Is A Well Known Brand Among White Petroleum Jelly Manufacturers

Gandhar Oil Refinery is one of the best known brands among white petroleum jelly manufacturers across the globe, and for good reason too. Our products meet international quality standards, and are guided by customer demands, market research, and advanced technological innovations. What’s more, more than 200 customers from 100 countries in Europe, South America, Africa, the Middle East, and the Far East already put their faith in us. All of this says more than enough about why Gandhar Oil happens to be a top-rated name among white petroleum jelly suppliers throughout the world.

White Petroleum Jelly FAQs

Despite being derived from petroleum and therefore seeming ‘unclean’, the final white petroleum jelly product is put through several purification procedures. Any remaining impurities are thus removed, creating a non-irritating white petroleum jelly. Dermatologists recommend white petroleum jelly for sensitive skin conditions, and they’re safe to use on your child’s skin as well. Remember to dry any area of skin thoroughly before applying white petroleum jelly, however. 

Contrary to popular belief, medical professionals have stated again and again that white petroleum jelly is non-comedogenic- as in the product does not clog skin pores, or cause any sort of irritation or acne.

Dry skin can be caused by external factors like changes in weather, soaps or detergents that don’t suit you, unhealthy diet, or central heating or cooling systems, as the natural oils in your skin are thus sucked out. White petroleum jelly can be used as moisturiser to treat/prevent dry, rough, scaly, or itchy skin. It creates a sealing barrier between cells in dry skin so that it locks in moisture, and can speed up the natural recovery of our skin.