Solvent Manufacturer


Solvents, also known as solvent oils, are a group of chemicals whose name comes from Latin and means “to loosen.” Solvents are used to dissolve or isolate specific components without chemically altering the additional materials.

Polar and nonpolar solvents are the two major types of solvent oil. Polar solvents can mix with other polar solvents, while nonpolar solvents can dissolve in other nonpolar solvents.

As a solvent manufacturing company, Gandhar Oil Refinery provides you with the best quality solvent oil according to your needs. We are one of the leading solvent manufacturers in the industry, and bring a great range of solvent oils to choose from.

As a Solvent Oil Manufacturer, We Offer a Wide Range of Products in Solvents

At Gandhar Oil Refinery, we have a wide range of products in solvent oils under our flagship brand Divyol that can cater to your needs.

Our products in solvent oils include:

Divyol Aromatic Hydrocarbon Solvents

Disol 130 De-Aromatised Hydrocarbon Solvents

Disol K 150 De-Aromatised Hydrocarbon Solvents

Divyol Drilol Fluid 158 De-Aromatised Hydrocarbon Solvents

Disol 110 De-Aromatised Hydrocarbon Solvents

Disol 80 De-Aromatised Hydrocarbon Solvents

Usage of Solvents

Solvents are used in a wide range of everyday products, including paint, personal care items, pharmaceutical items, pesticides, cleaners, and inks.

  • Solvent oil in paints breaks the elements used in the paint formula, allowing the paint to achieve the preferred consistency for the application while avoiding clumps.
  • They are also present in cleaning products. As an active ingredient of heavy-duty glass, floor, and other firm surface cleaning formulations, glycol ethers are extremely effective in cleaning solutions. These solvents are biodegradable and water-compatible, with a high solvent consumption ability for greases and oils.
  • Solvent oils are used actively in the automotive industry as well. They aid in the removal of gunk from the windshield.
Why Gandhar Oil is a Well Known Brand Among Solvent Manufacturers Across the Globe

Gandhar Oil Refinery is one of the top names when it comes to solvent manufacturers and solvent suppliers. With a chemical framework based upon the aromatic 6-membered benzene ring, Divyol aromatic hydrocarbons have the highest solvency power.

We are always striving for innovations and improvement guided by customer demands and market insights, and our products can even be customised according to your needs. As our 4K+ strong Indian clientele and our over 200 overseas users would tell you, if you’re looking for solvents to suit your needs, Gandhar Oil is the place to go.

Solvent Oils FAQs

If you’re using solvents in personal care products, consult the manufacturer’s instructions for safe use. It is critical that anyone working with ‘stronger’ solvents, like paint strippers and stronger cleaning products strictly adheres to the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure safety.

Organic solvents are carbon-based products. Organic solvents can be made from a variety of chemicals, including aliphatic hydrocarbons, aromatic hydrocarbons, esters, ethers, ketones, and nitrated or chlorinated hydrocarbons. Organic solvents are widely used in chemical synthesis, clothing dry cleaning, paint thinners, nail polish, glue removers, and detergents.