Automotive Oil

Automotive Oil

Automotive motor oils are generally a fluidic substance made from mineral / synthetic base that has the primary purpose of reducing surface friction in automotive machinery/moving parts. They minimise the energy lost due to friction; further uses of them may include cleaning and cooling machinery parts, and protecting metal parts from corrosion and rust.

One of the examples of automotive oils would be engine oils, which is a specific kind of lubricant made to be applied in automobiles like scooters, bikes, cars, trucks, tractors and other Internal combustion engines. For a long, healthy and smooth engine life, you must fuel it with the right engine oil. These  engine oils are vital for enhancing smooth running of engines, decreasing vehicular emissions, and improving engine performance.

Gandhar, a Leading Automotive Oil Manufacturer and Marketer Offer a Wide Range of Automotive Oils

Wondering where to get the best engine oil for your automobile? Divyol is acclaimed as one of the best automotive oils not only within India, but across the globe! Divyol offers a broad range of Automotive oils to suite your requirements:

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Passenger Car Motor Oil

Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Oils

Gas Engine Oils

Automotive Gear Oils

Transmission Oils

Lubricant Coolant

CNG Engine Oil

Agricultural Oil

Outboard Motor Oil

Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Biogas Engine Oil

Usage Of Automotive Oils

Before you go looking for the best oil for your automobile, you must be aware of the many uses of car oils. Namely:

  • The insides of engines may be exposed to different temperatures that result in slow wear and tear. So automotive oils keep the engine parts lubricated properly to ensure excellent performance and a longer lifespan.
  • Automotive oils lowers friction and thus decrease fuel consumption, as well as CO2 emissions.
  • Engine oils and coolants keep your engine cool.
  • Automotive oils clear accumulated deposits, debris, and sludge from engine and other moving parts.
  • Automotive oils also slow down the process of corrosion.
  • Oils also help reduce expensive and frequent repairs.
Why Divyol is a Well Known Brand Among Automotive Oil Distributors

Products offered by Gandhar Oil under the brand name ‘Divyol’ not only meet global standards of excellence, but also they’re known for always being a step ahead of the contemporaries. Our car engine oils are developed as per current industry specifications including BSVI and API Standards, and they guarantee cleaner engines, greater fuel efficiency, better heat control, and an overall smoother ride. Our car engine oils are suited to all internal combustion engines. Plus, their optimal viscosity significantly increases engine efficiency and longevity.

The wide range of Divyol car oils exceed various API/ACEA/OEM specifications. They’re available in a range of viscosities, and they serve the needs of all IC engines that are fitted in any automobile run by gas, petrol, diesel etc. Excellent quality ensures better mileage and pickup, improved engine cleanliness, and reduced vibration.

Automotive Oil FAQs

Some uses of automotive oils include:

  • Reducing friction and improving engine efficiency
  • Protecting machinery against wear and tear and providing longevity
  • Keeping the engine and other parts clean
  • Keeping the machinery cool

The viscosity of an automotive oil symbolises its ability to resist flow. The lower the oil’s viscosity, the more it reduces friction. On the other hand, higher viscosity would lead to the creation of a thick film between moving parts for the most engine protection.