Mineral Oils

Mineral Oils & Petroleum Jelly

Mineral oil (white oil) is a colourless and odourless derivative of petroleum. It is one of the most essential components of many healing and moisturising skincare products. Being a large molecule, mineral oil has limited penetration and it usually stays on top of the skin. Which means mineral oil in skincare is always a good choice.

Notably, mineral oil is also known as black gold, due to the price of the mineral oil, as well as the blackish colour of crude oil when it’s extracted from the ground.

As for petroleum jelly or petrolatum, it is a mix of mineral oils and waxes, presenting as a semisolid jelly-like substance. The main ingredient of petrolatum is petroleum, which seals your skin in a water-protective barrier. This helps the skin heal and retain moisture.

Gandhar Oil Refinery Ranks Among the Top Petroleum Jelly Suppliers and Mineral Oil Manufacturers Across the Globe, with a Wide Range of Products

With a broad assortment of products that features various types of mineral oils, it’s no wonder Gandhar Oil India comes out as a high-ranked mineral oil manufacturing company, and also places among the best petroleum jelly marketers. Products we offer include:

Light Liquid Paraffin Oil

Heavy Liquid Paraffin Oil

White Petroleum Jelly

Yellow Petroleum Jelly

Soft Gels

Spray Oil

Usage Of Mineral Oil And Petroleum Jelly

Mineral Oils and Petroleum Jelly

The various types of mineral oils have various usage in skincare, such as-

  • Mineral oil seals moisture into the skin
  • Smooths and softens the skin
  • Creates a protective barrier for dry skin

What’s more, it’s common to use mineral oil for constipation. Since mineral oil is a lubricant laxative, it can help with easier bowel movements.

Benefits of petroleum jelly include:

  • Healing minor skin scrapes and burns
  • Can be used as moisturiser
  • Can heal cracked heels and chapped lips
  • Can be used as makeup remover
  • Can be used in hair care too
  • Prevents skin stains from hair dye or nail polish
Why Gandhar Oil is a Well Known Petroleum Jelly and Mineral Oil Company

Playing it clean and safe: Petroleum jelly production systems need lubrication that supports round-the-clock operations in the cleanest, safest manner—especially when it comes to producing jellies for cosmetics and pharmaceuticals. As one of the leading petroleum jelly manufacturers, we make sure the Divyol Mineral Oils are refined to the highest purity standards and stabilised against oxidation and ultra-violet (UV) damage. They are ultra-dependable to the last drop, and suitable for applications in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and food, as well as for polystyrene and thermoplastic manufacturing applications.

Divyol Jellies meet world standards: Divyol Snow White Petroleum Jelly, White Petroleum Jelly, and Yellow Petroleum Jelly are odourless, tasteless, homogeneous mixtures of ultra-pure hydrogenated hydrocarbon oils and waxes. They are FDA-approved and their manufacture is in consonance with good manufacturing practices (GMP).

Divyol Soft Gel guarantees purity: A high-purity mix of mineral oil and polymers, Divyol Soft Gel is perfect for use in the manufacture of cosmetics, baby and hair care products, creams, moisturisers, and palliatives, among other similar products.

Divyol Apple Spray Oil is a friend to agriculturalists: Divyol Apple Spray Oil is a horticulture mineral oil that is specially formulated to protect apple trees from pest attacks and other species-specific ailments. It is used as an emulsion and sprayed on trees as well as fruits, with no negative side-effects.

Mineral Oils & Petroleum Jelly FAQs

Contrary to popular belief, dermatologists have stated time and again that there is no scientific evidence of mineral oil being comedogenic or pore-clogging.

Yes, you can use petroleum jelly to treat diaper rash. Make sure to clean the diaper area well before you apply the jelly on your baby’s skin, and allow it to dry.