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Quenching Oil

Quenching oils are heat treatment oils made from base oils that have undergone solvent refinement and carefully chosen additives. These oils have exceptional chemical and oxidation stability and enable quick quenching via proper and controlled cooling.

Heat treatment fluids are used to quickly and precisely cool steel or other metals during hardening, tempering, or another heat-treating process.

Gandhar Oil Refinery is one of the best-known names in the industry of quenching oil manufacturers. We operate and supply the product under our flagship brand name, Divyol.

The metallurgical outcomes of Divyol quenching oils are in accordance with sector-specific health, safety, and environmental regulations around the globe.

Features Of Quenching Oil

These oils are very versatile in nature, and you can easily modify them thanks to their adjustability.  the product are as below:

Meets the Needs

Quenching oil for steel helps stop production-related defects from happening.

Dark Texture

They have a greater than usual flash point to provide better protection against fire.

Meets the Needs

The cooling rate of these oils is controlled in nature to reduce crackling and distortion.

Dark Texture

They also have excellent thermal characteristics, low volatility, a strong flare, and fire points as well.

Specifications of Quenching Oils

Quenching Oil Uses

These oils are used to control quenching of metals to increase their hardness, ductility, and strength while ensuring that surfaces are clean and free from spots and patches.

  • To reduce the establishment of unfavourable temperature and transformational gradients, which may cause increased distortion and crack, quenching oil improves the wetting of the steel during the quenching process.
  • It can reduce the risk of cracking in metals and is safer compared to water or polymer quenching.
  • They protect against oxidation and have great resistance to heat.
  • They also provide protection against any micro particles that may end up getting stuck, and cause issues like rusting and cracking.
Why Gandhar Oil is Well Known as a Quenching Oil Manufacturing Company

Gandhar Oil Refinery is among the best names in the list of quenching oil manufacturers. We develop and supply a variety of these oils under our flagship brand name, Divyol. We believe in constant innovation based on market insights and customer demands, and our clientele spans continents- with over 4K customers in India alone. All these factors help bring Gandhar Oil to a top spot among global quenching oil  marketers

Quenching Oil FAQs

Yes, these oils can be reused under certain conditions. A washer is used after the quenching process to recover the oil for reuse.

This washer should only be used to clean parts after quenching and shouldn’t be polluted with other coolants or contaminants. The oil is recovered from the post-quench wash and separated into another tank in this process.

It helps enhance the performance of metal by quickly cooling the piece of metal, which changes its chemical composition and intensifies its hardness.