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Industrial Oil Manufacturer

Cleaning Neat Oil

Mineral or vegetable oils that have not been diluted with water are combined with certain additives to create neat oils, sometimes referred to as neat cutting or straight oils. They are especially helpful for minimizing frictional heat when a machine tool is processing a workpiece because of their outstanding lubricating and cooling qualities.

Cleaning neat oils by Gandhar Oil Refinery helps the workpiece have a good surface finish and increases the tool’s lifespan. As a result, cleaning neat oils by Gandhar Oil are used in several industrial processes, from simple machining to heavy-duty activities. Broaching, cutting, drilling, grinding, hardening, honing, milling, and rolling are some of the most popular applications (hot and cold).

Features of Cleaning Neat Oil

Some desirable qualities that directly affect the cost per component and productivity levels in metalworking operations are excellent surface finish, longer tool life, minimal coolant usage, cleaner equipment, and a hazard-free working environment. Customers may reach their productivity goals and much more with the help of Gandhar Oil’s selection of cleaning neat oils that come with the following features:

  • Excellent ability to remove debris – ensures cleaner machines
  • Greater flash point: Ensures a secure workplace
  • Excellent filterability, excellent oxidation stability, and resistance to aging and provide longer sump life
  • offers effective corrosion prevention
  • Free of heavy metals and chlorine

Properties of Cleaning Neat Oil

Applications of cleaning neat oil

  • Divyol Cleaning Neat Oil blends N and H, which are naphthene hydrocarbon cleaning fluids used to degrease surfaces. Before packaging, the metal components are given further rust-prevention treatment.
  • Divyol cleaning neat oils can be used anywhere – from mild machining to heavy-duty operations like gear hobbing, turning, and drilling.
  • Various machining processes, such as grinding, turning, milling, broaching, drilling, tapping, and gear cutting, all need cleaning neat oils. The main purposes of cooling and lubrication are to prolong the life of tools and ensure that the components being machined have an optimum surface finish.
  • As the cutting tool penetrates the metal or rubs against the swarf, cleaning neat oils, as opposed to soluble or synthetic cutting fluids, offer high lubrication levels to help reduce frictional heat. Cleaning neat oils also reduce cutting forces. This saves energy.
How Gandhar Oil is a Well-known Brand For Cleaning Neat Oils

Gandhar Oil Refinery’s cleaning neat oil is made especially to address the difficult filtration and drainage issues associated with neat oil applications and MQL applications (where both oil and solid particles are present), which are faced by numerous industries. Our huge customer base speaks for itself and makes them one of the most well-known cleaning neat oil manufacturers in India. With over 4k satisfied customers and more than two decades of experience in the oil and lubricants industry, it is evident that if you choose Gandhar Oil Refinery, then you choose the best in quality.

Cleaning Neat Oil FAQs

As the cutting tool penetrates the metal or rubs against the swarf, neat cutting oils offer high lubrication levels to help reduce frictional heat. Cleaning neat oils also reduce cutting forces, which saves energy.

Cleaning neat oils are used in:

  • elimination of high stock
  • high standards for surface polish
  • High inputs at sluggish rates
  • machines with stock head intrusion that are older
  • The matrix of water affects tools

To increase tool life and improve surface finish, extreme pressure (EP) additives like chlorine and sulfur have historically been added at varying levels to cleaning neat oils. However, as cleaning neat oil suppliers’ performance standards have improved, cleaning neat oils with more advanced, environmentally friendly synthetic ester-based cutting oils that are chlorine and sulfur free have been developed.