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Agricultural spray oils are very useful on farms, nurseries, and greenhouses, as well as places like golf courses. They are usually phytonomic and help protect plants and crops against ailments like insects, mites, fungi, pests, and other diseases.

As a renowned spray oil manufacturing company, Gandhar Oil offers a variety of these oils under our flagship brand Divyol. For instance, there is the Divyol Apple Spray Oil, which is a horticulture mineral oil specially formulated to protect apple trees from pest attacks and

other species-specific issues. It can be used as an emulsion, and can be sprayed on both apple trees and the fruits themselves without the fear of negative side-effects.

Features of Spray Oils

As a spray oil company, Gandhar offers these products with the following exclusive features:

Protect the Respective Plants

Divyol Apple and Banana Spray Oils both protect the respective plants from San Jose scale and other pests.

High Quality Refined Base Stock

Both are designed and formulated with high quality refined base stock (paraffinic) and specially selected additives.

Biodegradable Emulsifier

Divyol spray oils have a biodegradable emulsifier, and they do not leave any phytotoxic effect on the trees or fruits, or pollute the soil.

Very Good Shelf Lives

They have very good shelf lives.

Properties of Spray Oils

Applications Of Spray Oils

Their uses include:

  • Divyol spray oils have excellent emulsification properties, and they control a wide variety of pests and other diseases affecting trees.
  • They work over a range of temperatures and time periods.
  • The Divyol spray oils (HMO) emulsion dissolves the waxy protective shield of insects and their oily film envelops them, killing the insects by cutting off their air supply.
Why Gandhar Oil is Well Known Among Global Spray Oil Manufacturers

Gandhar Oil Refinery has the highest flexibility in the industry to meet an end user’s requirement, and our R&D Centre is fully equipped with sophisticated testing facilities. Our team is dedicated to developing products according to specific and changing industry requirements, while also keeping up with the latest technological developments. In our over two decades long journey so far, we have earned the faith of 4K+ Indian customers, and yet 200 more international corporations. All these factors are testament to our expertise as spray oil suppliers. 

Spray Oil FAQs

These oils can be used as a protective barrier against insects, mites, and other plant diseases. They usually work by suffocating insects.

Oil spraying is an effective way to deliver the product in question evenly to a target area in a manner both safe and timely. This way, plants can be protected from ailments like insects, mites, fungi, pests, and other diseases