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Marine Engine Oil

Marine vessels run on powerful engines that require marine engine oil to reduce the friction between the pistons and keep the engine running smooth. They contain layers of lubricants that support the functioning of low-speed and medium-speed marine engines.

Gandhar oil is a renowned marine engine oil manufacturing company that serves customers with a wide range of products under our flagship brand name Divyol. Our products ensure that engines powering international and domestic trading vessels run reliably and efficiently. Further, these oils are compliant with contemporary environmental stipulations with regard to oils for low and medium-RPM engines.

Features of Marine Engine Oils

Clear Yellow Liquid

These are a clear yellow liquid with a petroleum odour and vapour pressure of less than 0.1 hPa.

Auto-ignition Temperature

Their auto-ignition temperature is more than 300 degrees Celsius.

Medium to Low Alkaline Reserves

Our marine engine oils come with medium to low alkaline reserves that lower the sulphur content to just 1%, and prove to be excellent on API CF performance standards.

Neutralise the Corrosive Acids

Marine engine oil suppliers like us maintain high BN (Alkaline base number) to neutralise the corrosive acids formed in the combustion of sulphur fuel.

Specifications of Marine Engine Oil

Applications of Marine Engine Oil

Some uses of marine engine oils include:

  • They lubricate the engine, reduce the piston deposits, and provide an anti-wear coating to the pistons.
  • Divyol Marine Engine Oils are used in medium to low-speed marine engines to lower sulphur production.
  • They are also used in engine reduction gears.
  • Divyol Marine Engine Oils (SAE 50) can be used as marine 2 stroke oils to lubricate the engines and validate dual fuel operations.
  • For medium-speed trunk piston engines operating with fuels up to 1% sulphur content, Divyol Marine Engine Oils (SAE 30) MDE 310/312 are used to provide a lower to medium alkaline base number.
  • Slow-speed trunk engines require a higher alkaline base number, so Divyol Machine Engine Oils (SAE 40) MDE 440/450/455 reduce the wearing down of the pistons and lower sulphur toxins.
  • Divyol Marine Engine Oils (SAE 50) MDE 560 / MDE 565 / MDE 570 extend the service life of the components in the engine and neutralise combustion acid.
Why Gandhar Oil is Well Known as a Marine ENgine Oil Manufacturing Company

Gandhar oil is a globally known brand for its products in the field of engine oils and lubricants; to our 4K strong Indian clientele and over 200 international customers, we have stayed true to our motto of ‘nurtured by expertise, driven by ambition’ for decades now. Our wide variety of products puts us ahead of our contemporaries, and makes us one of the best marine engine oil manufacturers out there.

Marine Engine Oil FAQs

To pick the best marine engine oil for you, check for the engine oil’s alkaline base number and the anti-wear protection it provides. Additionally, see whether the engine oil helps neutralise combustion acid and supports free movement of the pistons.

One of the primary uses of marine engine oil is to increase the engine’s service life by providing proper lubrication and reducing the wear and tear of the pistons. It cuts down the acidic fumes from the engine and lowers the friction between the piston and engine walls.