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Rust Preventive Oil

Corrosion is a common hazard to machinery across industries that gets expensive to remove and takes a significant bite out of annual profit. Rust preventive oils are a good way to make sure this issue never arises. As an acclaimed rust protection oil manufacturing company, Gandhar Oil brings a range of oil based rust preventives under our flagship brand name Divyol.

For instance, Divyol Dewatering Rust Preventive Oils are non-asphaltic products consisting of film forming agents and rust inhibitors in a suitable hydrocarbon carrier. These can be applied cold by dip, brush, swab, or spray, and are used to protect machined auto parts, tubes, sheets, etc.

Features Of Rust Preventive Oil

Preventing Corrosion

Divyol Anti-Rust DW 173 is excellent for preventing fingerprint corrosion, and it is ideal for use on highly polished precision parts.

Longer Protection

Divyol Anti-Rust DW174 offers a comparatively thicker film, as well as longer protection.

Anti-friction Bearings

Divyol Anti-Rust DW 175 is made to be used in the anti-friction bearings industry. It can be used- after diluting with an appropriate solvent- as an inter-process rust preventive as well as before final packing.

Excellent Salt Spray Protection

Divyol Anti-Rust DW 801/802 are solvent-based exclusive products with soft film and meeting a humidity cabinet control test exceeding 7 days, which signifies excellent salt spray protection.

Protection of Machinery

Divyol Anti-Rust DW 803/804 are made for the protection of machinery from using water-soluble oils and synthetic oils as coolants.

Flash Point of 600

Divyol Anti Rust DW 30X is a greasy solvent based dewatering rust preventive. It is a barium-free, low odour solvent with aromatic content. It has a flash point of 600.

Protective Oil of Very Low Viscosity

Divyol Anti-Rust OB 62 is a protective oil of very low viscosity, suitable for highly finished precision parts like ball bearings.

Low-viscosity Protective Oil

Divyol Anti-Rust OB 65 is also low-viscosity protective oil that can be used in fuel pumps and also for short term protection in issues like sudden weather changes.

Suitable for Protection

Divyol Anti-Rust OB 66 is an SAE 50 oil that is suitable for protection of internal combustion engines, and reciprocating type air compressors during the laying up period or during any overseas shipments.

Properties Of Rust Protection Oil

Anti Rust Oil Uses

Applications of rust protective oils include:

  • Displacing the moisture accumulated in machinery and protecting them from rust and corrosion.
  • Protecting steel against high humidity and extreme corrosive environments.
  • Removing water from components that have been machined using soluble cutting fluids, or have been washed or pickled.
  • Preventing corrosive action resulting from even fingerprints on the components.
Why Gandhar Oil is Well Known Among Rust Preventive Oil Indian Manufacturers

As mentioned before, Gandhar Oil comes up with a broad range of products in anti rust oils with unique properties and extensive applications, which already puts us leagues ahead of our contemporary rust preventive oil manufacturers. What’s more- our products can be customised to your needs, and we’re forever striving for improvement with innovation guided by market insights and customer demands. Our clientele consists of over 4K Indians and yet 200 more overseas corporations. All these factors speak more than enough about our expertise as rust protection oil suppliers.

Rust Preventive Oil FAQs

A good anti corrosion oil should be easy to apply and easy to remove without leaving any residue behind, and it should form a protective coating around any metal surface so it can prevent any corrosive substance from touching the metal.

Rust protection oil manufacturers suggest that you apply anti corrosion oil through dipping, spray brushing, or circulation.