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Lubricant Coolant

A lubricant coolant is an oil-like substance used to transfer the heat away from the engine and to the radiator, which then transfers it into the air. Coolants work as a secondary heat sink for the engine, and help keep the engine from a temperature breakdown.

As world-class lubricant coolant suppliers, Gandhar Oil offers Divyol Coolmax, which works to provide corrosion protection to all metal parts in a diesel, petrol, or CNG engine. It also protects the engine against wear and tear.

Features of Lubricant Coolants

Protects the Radiator

It protects the radiator from all kinds of corrosion and wearing down, thus providing it a long life.

Compatible with Rubber

It is compatible with rubber and other sealing materials.

Effective Anti-freezing Properties

It has effective anti-freezing properties, and it also provides heat transfer properties for the engine to work in extremely cold temperatures.

Excellent Anti-corrosive Properties

Gandhar Oil’s Divyol Coolmax range has excellent anti-corrosive properties that protect aluminium from crevice corrosion and cast iron from cavitation corrosion.

Properties of Lubricant Coolants

As experienced lubricant coolant distributors, Gandhar Oil offers multiple products under coolant and lubricant with these exclusive specifications:

Applications of Lubricant Coolants

Uses of them may include:

  • Our Divyol Coolmax range of coolant and lubricant is useful in cooling down automotive engines.
  • It can be used in engines with closed loop circulation systems such as those of passenger cars, commercial vehicles, tractors, etc.
  • Its excellent anti-freeze and heat transfer properties make it useful for engines made from cast iron and aluminium parts.
Why Gandhar Oil is A Well Known Lubricant Coolant Manufacturing Company

Gandhar Oil is among the most experienced lubricant coolant manufacturers in India, having been in the business for over two decades now. Our innovative and varied range of products always keeps us one step ahead of our contemporaries. ver 4K Indian consumers and yet 200 more international consumers put their faith in us. These are all factors that have helped us secure our place among top lubricant coolant manufacturers throughout the globe.

Lubricant Coolant FAQs

Automobile experts always suggest owners to use lubricant coolant for their engines since it helps cool the engine and ensures excellent performance. Coolants also protect the metals in a cooling system from corrosion, and prevents any chips or wearing down.

Two primary factors to keep in mind when choosing coolant and lubricant would be the type of the engine, and the usual operating temperatures.