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Industrial Oil Manufacturer

Loom Oil

As seasoned loom oil manufacturers, Gandhar Oil brings high-quality products of the category under our flagship brand name ‘Divyol’. Divyol loom oils are a series of lubricants we have specifically created for the oil loss systems of textile looms. We especially recommend our blends for the non-critical oil loss lubrication systems of textile and other looms that do not require additives containing oils. In addition, Divyol products can also be used for other relevant equipment that need oiling.

Properties Of Loom Oil

As one of the best loom oil manufacturers in India, our products are supreme in capabilities. Specifications of Divyol loom oils include:

Features Of Loom Oil

Features of them include:
  • They possess adequate film forming properties, and provide excellent lubrication.
  • They are light in colour and user-friendly.
  • They conform to IS: 493 (Part 1):1981 [Reaffirmed 2004] performance specifications.
  • They possess inherent oxidation and thermal stability which allows them to give effective protection against corrosion.

Applications Of Loom Oil

The many uses of these products include:
  • They perform well both for boundary as well as full fluid lubrication conditions.
  • They allow for good ageing resistance.
  • They give excellent protection against rust and corrosion.
  • With their good anti-rusting properties, they are good for use under a wide range of temperatures and stress.
  • They are well compatible with sealing materials.
Why is Gandhar Oil Widely Known as a Loom Oil Manufacturing Company?

Gandhar Oil is leagues ahead of our contemporaries in terms of our products. Our Divyol Loom Oils follow international quality standards, and our experienced team is always working to bring a more wide and varied range of products to the market as per market insights and customer demands. What’s more, our products can be customised to fit your needs.


In our nearly 30 years of journey, our customer base has grown to span continents, and over 200 megacorporations from all across the globe trust our products. When you count all that in, it really doesn;t come as a surprise that Gandhar Oil is among the best loom oil manufacturers in India, and in the world at large.  

Loom Oil FAQs

They are specifically needed for the oil loss systems of textile looms.

A good oil should have the following properties:


  • Excellent oxidation stability
  • Good ageing resistance
  • Power consumption abilities
  • Effective corrosion protection for steel, and any nonferrous metals
  • Effective under varied temperatures and load
  • Excellent compatibility with sealing materials

Make sure to check for all these qualities before you select a loom oil for yourself.