Industrial Oil Manufacturer

Industrial Oil Manufacturer

An industrial oil is a product that is applied on various surfaces with relative motion in between them. Industrial oil lessens friction and insulates these machinery against wear, corrosion, and oxidation. However, it has other functions as well, namely as a sealing agent, a heat transfer agent, a corrosion preventative agent, or an agent for trapping and eliminating mechanical systems contaminants.

Industrial oils are designed to deal with the tremendous pressures of equipment like industrial gearboxes, reduction gears, concrete mixing machines, circulation systems, and agricultural and marine deck equipment.

Gandhar Oil Refinery, Placed Among the Top Global Industrial Oil Manufacturers, Offers a Wide Range of Products in Industrial Oils

Gandhar Oil Refinery, under the brand name ‘Divyol’, ranks among the best oil and gas companies around the world.

Gandhar Oil Refinery, as one of the leading industrial oil distributors in Indian oil marketing, offers a broad assortment of products, including:

Loom Oil

Energy Efficient Industrial Gear Oil

Orchard Spray Oil

Flushing Oil

Spindle Oil

Ink Oil

Knitting Oil

Industrial Oil

Cleaning Neat Oil

Cleaning Soluble

Pneumatic Tool Oil

Stationary Gas Engine Oil

Marine Engine Oil

Cylinder Oil

Metal Drawing Compound

Textile Machinery Lubricants

Spark Erosion Oil

Rust Preventive Oil

Refrigeration Oil

Heat Transfer Fluid

Metal Working Fluids

Quenching Oil

Industrial Gearbox Oil

Turbine Oil

Compressor Oil

Machine Tool Way Oil

General Purpose Machinery Oil

Lube Oil

Premium Hydraulic Oil

Hydraulic Oil

Usage of Gandhar Oil Refinery Industrial Oils

As various lubricating applications have gained importance in a broad range of industries, such as automotive, engineering, manufacturing, oil & gas production, and even the medical industry, industrial oils have become more important than you’d think.

Since lubrication is absolutely essential to the functioning of any machinery with moving parts, one of the most integral things you can do as an operator to keep your machinery in top shape is making it properly lubricated.

As mentioned before, the primary work an industrial oil does is to decrease friction. However, additional application of an industrial oil may include:

  • Reducing wear and tear between the surfaces of machinery
  • Bringing down the temperature
  • Reducing rust and corrosion of metal surfaces
  • Keeping debris and contaminants out of machinery
Why Gandhar Oil is One of the Largest Oil Companies, and Among the Leading Industrial Oil Manufacturers

Since its inception in 1993, Gandhar Oil Refinery has come a long way and become a $336 million megacorp operating within the oil and gas industry. The fact that we’re ranked among the best of the global industrial oil suppliers is a testament to our success.

Among our many products, Divyol Hydraulic Oils are designed for the most demanding of applications. They offer excellent oxidation and thermal stability, corrosion resistance, and foam resistance, and significantly extend equipment life. The purity of our mineral oils is guaranteed, made so they can ensure smooth and worry-free operations involving bearings, gears, and other moving parts.

Our way lube oils have been fortified with mild extreme pressure and rust-prevention properties, so these oils can perfectly serve as hydraulic media. Divyol quenching oils deliver metallurgical results in compliance with industry-specific health, safety, and environment standards. Similarly, the rest of our industrial oils not only meet, but exceed world-class quality requirements.

Industrial Oil FAQs

‘Shelf life’ is the time period during which a stored industrial oil can be used without any quality-control checks for various performance attributes.

Some of the best storage and handling practices for industrial oils include:

  • Make sure your drums breathe easy
  • Keep the drums standing up during transportation
  • Keep the drums sheltered
  • The ideal way to store your drums is to keep them horizontal