Speciality Oil Manufacturer

The specialty oils and fats market across the globe has been seeing steady growth for a while now, especially due to the post-Covid increase in demand for nutritional food products, along with the rising living standards of broad sections of the global population, especially in emerging markets.

Specialty oils are derived from sources like palm, coconuts, soybeans, sunflower, rapeseed, peanut and olive oil. These specially oils have unique properties, and they come in handy in cooking and non-edible applications alike. 

The constituent fatty acids of each specialty cooking oil are greatly responsible for the functionality of these specialty oils, but also, the minor components contribute too.

Gandhar Oil, an Acclaimed Specialty Oil Manufacturing Company Across the Globe, Offers a Varied Range of Products in Speciality Oils

Gandhar Oil Refinery is considered among the best when it comes to specialty oil manufacturers and specialty oil suppliers. Specialty oils we offer under our brand name Divyol are divided into three groups based on their characteristics:

Specialty Base Oils: Group I

Specialty Base Oils: Group II

Specialty Base Oils: Group III (HVI)

Usage Of Speciality Oils

The biological properties and health benefits of specialty oils lead to their application in disease prevention. Specialty oils have also spanned out to being used in pharmaceutical and cosmetic products such as excipients, coadjuvantes, transdermal carriers, and skin emolliency agents.

Palm, coconut, and sunflower oils are growing in demand in particular, what with the increasing numbers of bakery and confectionery businesses. Especially in developing areas in Asia and the Middle East, the use of vegetable oils for cooking and household use in general is rapidly increasing, which translates into growing demands for specialty oils.

Why Gandhar Oil is a Well Known Brand Among Specialty Oil Distributors

As a leading name among specialty oil manufacturers, we procure some of the finest base oils from many leading international refineries. Thus we ensure that our blended specialty oils (which use these base oils) measure up to the highest quality standards. The fact that over a hundred clients across continents put their faith in our products is proof enough for our excellence and trustworthiness.

Speciality Oils FAQs

The many areas specialty oils are used in include:

  • In cooking
  • For other regular household needs
  • For pharmaceutical and cosmetic products
  • In disease prevention

Yes, some specialty oils can be used in cooking, namely those derived from sunflowers, peanuts, and coconuts.