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Agricultural Oil

Agriculture oil is a useful additive for insecticides since it helps improve their effectiveness. Gandhar, an ISO 9001:2008 certified company, is one of the biggest agriculture oil suppliers in the world. Our agriculture oil is suggested for usage to control pests and other insect-caused diseases in orchards like the SanJose scales. Agriculture oil is an emulsifiable oil blended from high-quality base oils and special additives. Divyol range of agriculture oil from Gandhar is compatible with most insecticides and protects the orchard and other farms from problems. Agriculture oil specifications make it compatible for usage amongst crops without compromising the nutrient content.

Features Of Agricultural Oil

  • Agriculture oil is an effective way of controlling pests at an extremely low price without compromising crop quality.
  • Leading agriculture oil manufacturers like Gandhar Oil ensures that the product controls a variety of pests simultaneously, and there is no immunity against it either.
  • Divyol range of agriculture oil is not phytotoxic and can be used with insecticides.
  • It does not harm insects that are helpful for the crop, like bees.
  • This range of products does not cause harm to humans or the nutrient content of the crop.
  • Divyol agriculture oil can easily form an emulsion with 2 to 3 per cent water for effective spraying.

Specification/Properties Of Agricultural Oil






Transparent clear liquid

Colour, Max.

ASTM D1500

L 1.0

Emulsion test



Pour Point, °C,


Minus 0

Kinematic viscosity @ 40°C, cSt,

ASTM  D445


Emulsification with water,24 hour

Stable Emulsion

Applications Of Agricultural Oil

  • Divyol agriculture oil is useful in the orchards, especially the apple orchards, for protection.
  • Agriculture oil can help keep the orchard crops safe from scales like SanJose, olive, muscle, and brown scales.
  • This product also helps keep crops safe from various pests and insects.
  • It can be used with insecticides for more efficacy.
  • The agriculture oil price also makes it compatible for usage in small gardens as it is cost-effective and easy to use.
How Gandhar Oil Is A Well Known Brand For Agricultural Oil

There are many agriculture oil manufacturers in the market currently. Out of all those, Gandhar has gotten a big brand name for itself. For more than twenty-five years, Gandhar has served its customers with the best oil-based products. The Divyol agriculture oil range is highly receptive to customer requirements. It means that the company had considered the customer requirements and oriented its product research accordingly. It has helped them achieve a high customer satisfaction quotient. Moreover, we provide our products at a highly competitive price and have gained an edge over its competitors.

Agricultural Oil FAQs

Nearly every person knows that insecticides and pesticides are very harmful to human health. Agriculture oils can kill insects and pests that harm crops as a comparatively safer alternative. Agriculture oil can be used in big and small farms, especially apple orchards, to keep the yield safe. Moreover, agriculture oil manufacturers also make the products emulsifiable, which means they can be used with insecticides.

Hundreds of brands in the market claim to be the best. The customers should check for all necessary compliances followed by the brand and ISO certification. Secondly, check whether the product is emulsifiable and has high-quality base oils and additives. Divyol range from Gandhar stands on all of these checks and can be purchased at a very effective price.