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gas engine oil

Gas engine oils are lubricants made for gas engines, i.e. heavy-duty industrial engines that can run continuously at full load. They are made up of preservatives and base oil, primarily used for mechanical engines to decrease machine tears and wear.

As seasoned gas engine oil suppliers, we at Gandhar Oil provide you with only the best quality products. To cater to your needs, we supply several types of the aforementioned oils under our flagship brand, Divyol.

Features of Gas Engine Oils

Protection against wear

Gas engine oils provide protection against wear, corrosion, and oil degradation and thickening.

Excellent cooling

They have excellent cooling properties. The lubrication provided by these oils aids heat release via the lubrication circuit.

Excellent cleaning

They have excellent cleaning properties as well, so they can keep the engine clean at all times.

Properties of Gas Engine Oils

Applications of Gas Engine Oils

The many uses of these oils may include:

  • Gas engine oils are used to reduce and control the formation of oxidation and nitration in engines.
  • Nitrous oxides are formed due to the extremely high temperatures encountered by gas engines, leading to a rise in viscosity, wear, sludge and varnish formation, and filter clogging. Gas engine oils help prevent all this from happening and damaging the engine.
  • They are also used to protect valves in engines. Valve recoil is a common issue in gas engines, and the oil provides adequate protection for the valves.
Why Gandhar Oil is Globally Acclaimed as a Gas Engine Oil Manufacturer

With over two decades of experience serving customers across industries, Gandhar Oil brings top-quality gas engine oils designed for CNG/LPG-powered automobiles, passenger cars, and even vans under our flagship brand Divyol. These oils are made from specialty base oils and enhanced with special preservatives to ensure longer drain intervals, low ash deposits, and security against nitration and oxidation caused by high engine temperatures.

Over 4K customers all over India put their faith in our services, which goes to show that if you’re looking for gas engine oil distributors to suit your needs, Gandhar Oil is the place to go.

Gas Engine Oil FAQs

Most engines today have oil change intervals ranging from 5,000 to 7,500 miles.

Usually, these oils have a shelf life of about five years from the date of manufacturing.

You will suffer from complete engine failure if you go too long without changing your gas engine oil. When the oil hardens over time, if not changed, it will no longer be able to help in the smooth running of your engine.