The magnanimous growth of Gandhar in three decades

The Magnanimous Growth Of Gandhar In Three Decades

Oils have been the dictators of the nation’s economic health since ages. The Oil Industry has empowered the country’s strength through its income-generating ability in the national and international markets. As the refining industry develops rapidly in India, it is expected to continue to grow. By 2025, the Indian government plans to increase refining capacity to 400 mtpa. There are 250 million tonnes per year (MTPA) capacity in the country’s state-run refineries and 60 MTPA capacity in non-state-run refineries. Source:

Gandhar’s journey began only three decades ago, and today we boast a market value of $481 million and a massive production capacity of 2.5 lakh metric tons, making us one of the top five exporters in India. 

Gandhar: The Beginning

In the year 1975, the founder of the company, Mr. Ramesh Parekh started out his venture in the realm of oils by taking up a job opportunity in the lubricant division of Khimji Punja & Co. Taking inspiration from there, Mr.Parekh then started his own trading firm along with his brothers in 1977 and incorporated his marketing expertise to push the business forward to great heights of success.

Thereafter, the Parekh Brothers expanded their empire by purchasing two plots of land in Taloja, Maharashtra covering 48,588 where the Gandhar Oil Refinery was set up, having a production capacity of 120k Kl for distilling diesel, naphtha, and LNG . This was the first mega milestone that the Gandhar Group conquered which was immediately followed by a distinguished proposal for a joint venture by our own customer Apar Ltd for blending industrial oils and lubricants giving Gandhar about 76% stake of the business. 

Gandhar: Riding the momentum

The Gandhar Group has pledged to empower the oil industry through our exceptional monetary and stake expansion, as well as by maintaining the quality of our products and services. As part of our pursuit, Gandhar Oil Refinery served as a dealer for Bharat Petroleum Corporation. We also embarked on supplying coal to powerhouses and steel mills.

Gandhar Group then invested in yet another plant at Silvassa specialized for automotive oils, covering 80,000 and having a production capacity of 150K Kl, dissolving the partnership with Apar. Now standing tall and leading the business independently, Gandhar Group remains committed to our goal of empowering the oil industry.

Gandhar: The next generation

Today, a decade after the second-generation leaders of the Gandhar group joined the company, the Gandhar empire has risen to unforeseeable heights. Gandhar is amongst the top five white oil manufacturing companies in the world. In the year 2014, we accomplished yet another milestone by setting up GOI (Government of India) recognized Research and Development Center at Silvassa Plant. Our plants allow us to make waves across different industries by manufacturing a variety of oils with an unbeatable production capacity. 

Gandhar: Across the globe

The clientele we hold is not only renowned globally but also diversified and varied from each other. Abiding by our principle of staying ahead, A global network of 100 countries imports tons of white oils, automotive oils, specialty oils, transformer oils, and transformer grease from us.

In 2019, we rose the momentum of our magnanimity by partnering with Texol Lubritech FZC, Sharjah where we invested in a plant that caters to the requirements of international and local markets. This testifies to the trust and credibility that we have sowed in the world. Gandhar has built a might and stature refraining from external reliabilities and our expansion knows no limitations.

Gandhar: A great workplace

Gandhar promises to keep staying ahead by keeping integrity amongst our team, distributors, and customers. We actively do deeds of benevolence through our CSR campaigns and assure offering a quality life to as many as possible. The team spirit and work culture of our magnanimous institution have been proven to beat all the benchmarks time and again through multiple awards and achievements we’ve accomplished over the course of three decades with our latest achievement being a certified Great Place to Work.

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