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Metal Working Fluids

Metalworking fluids (MWFs) range from straight oils such as petroleum oils to water-soluble metal cutting fluids such as semi-synthetic oils and are used for various cutting and shaping operations. Metal working fluids also reduce heat and friction while working with metal.

Metalworking fluids come in a variety of formulations based on the criticality of application. These oils ensure tool dependability by ensuring consistent performance, quality surface finishes, rust protection, and productivity.

In the oils and lubricants industry, Gandhar Oil Refinery is a well-known name. Under our flagship brand Divyol, we offer a diverse range of metal working fluids.

Features Of Metalworking Fluids

Being a leading metal working fluids company, Gandhar Oil presents various types of metalworking fluids with the following unique features:

Excellent Cooling and Lubrication

Divyol metalworking coolants provide excellent cooling and lubrication to the metal cutting system.

Superior Rust Preventive Properties

Our metal cutting coolant fluids have superior rust preventive properties as compared to mineral oil-based coolants.

Nitrite Free and Eco-friendly

Divyol Soluble Cutting Coolant is nitrite free and eco-friendly.

Safe to Use

Our machining cutting fluids (like the Divyol Broaching oils) are safe to use.

Superior Surface Coverage

Divyol metalworking coolants offer superior surface coverage.

Enable Reduced Friction

Our metalworking fluids also enable reduced friction and good anti-weld properties at the chip-tool interface. This results in extended cutting tool life and good surface finishes on machine parts.

Properties of Metalworking Fluids

Applications Of Metalworking Fluids

The use of metal working fluids includes:

  • Metal working oils protect tools at high temperatures during metalworking.
  • Metal cutting fluids are used to cool, lubricate, and reduce friction during grounding, machining, and cutting processes.
  • Divyol metalworking coolants are used in machine tool industries, vertical machining centres, conventional lathe machines, milling and radial drilling machines, and in multi-spindle drilling.
  • The use of metal working fluids leads to the long service life of tools.
  • Divyol machining cutting fluids prevents rusting of the workpieces and machine tool beds, and thus extends their service life.
  • Divyol Soluble Cutting Coolant resists bacterial degradation.
Why Gandhar Oil is Well Known as Metal Working Oil Manufacturers

Gandhar Oil Refinery has over 29 years of experience in the oil and lubricants industry. As a leading metal working fluids manufacturing company in India, we are committed to meeting the needs of both machine manufacturers and end users. The Gandhar Group of Companies is one of India’s fastest-growing corporate entities with a global network of branches and offices. Having gained the trust of over 4K Indian customers and yet 200 more overseas users, we can safely call ourselves metal working fluids suppliers you can rely on.

Metalworking Fluids FAQs

Metal working fluids are mainly used in metalworking to reduce heat and friction. They are also used in industrial machining and grinding operations to remove metal particles and increase the tool’s life.

Metal cutting oils can range from neat oils to water-based oils. Synthetic fluids and semi-synthetic oils also fall into the category of metalworking fluids.