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Light Liquid Paraffin Oil

Light liquid paraffin oil is the highest grade, refined version of mineral oils and is an unsaturated hydrocarbon derived from petroleum. Some common petroleum refining methods for obtaining light liquid paraffin oil are thermal fractionation and chemical fractionation.

The main characteristic of paraffin liquid light is its transparency. The purity level of this mineral oil rises to 99% and has a range of uses across industries.

Features of Lubricant Coolants

As one of the leading light liquid paraffin manufacturers, Gandhar’s Divyol Light Liquid Paraffin Oils are produced from highly refined hydro-cracked/ hydro-treated base oils with a high degree of purity to meet IP / BP / USP standards. They have excellent oxidation / UV stability and are suitable for application in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food industries for direct and indirect food contact.

Features of light liquid paraffin oils include


Light liquid paraffin oils are a mixture of saturated and unsaturated hydrocarbons obtained by processing crude oil.


Paraffin does not dissolve in water, but it does dissolve in ethanol at normal temperatures.


It needs to be heated to get completely dissolved.

Used as the Base

It has a pungent, unpleasant smell when heated and is used as the base for making bulbs for some lamps, candles for incense burners, etc.

Some by-products

Some by-products of its processing are made into candles and matches.

Properties Of Light Liquid Paraffin Oil

Application Of Light Liquid Paraffin Oil

Light liquid paraffin oils are generally less dense and contain more carbon atoms than the other oils. This vast difference in chemical structures makes it an ideal oil for preparing emollients and vaseline products. Some of the other essential uses of paraffin liquid light would be:
  • Light liquid paraffin oil lubricates your digestive system and helps reduce water loss. It’s one of the least absorbed oils out there, so it won’t negatively impact fat-soluble vitamins or interfere with vitamin K absorption.
  • It’s quite effective in treating rough skin and nutrient deficiencies.
  • Light liquid paraffin oil is used as a food additive, thickener, and stabilizer in dough and batter.
  • Being tasteless, paraffin liquid light is also used to keep odors at bay in perfumes, flavors, and soaps.
  • Paraffin liquid light has been used for lubrication in petroleum and industrial purposes where it is heated to above 150˚C to reform its characteristics once in a while.
Why is Gandhar Oil Counted Among the Top Global Light Liquid Paraffin Oil Manufacturers?

Gandhar Oil Refinery is an Indian company that has been operating for over two decades now. We distribute a wide array of petroleum products meant for both private and commercial uses. We also supply lubricating oils, industrial oils, and other specialty products. Our company has established itself as a well-known brand in India, our customer base already being 4K+ strong in the country. Our products meet international quality standards, and we have over 200 international corporations putting their faith in us. All these factors make us one of the best light liquid paraffin oil manufacturers across continents.

Light Liquid Paraffin Oil FAQs

Light liquid paraffin oil is made by the Solvay process and is primarily composed of saturated hydrocarbons in the molecules. The Light Liquid Paraffin molecules are not polymerized and are essentially linear carbon chains with no branches. The molecular weight may vary from 210 gms/mol to 1120 grams/mol. The variations in molecular weight are due to various types of side reactions that occur during the reactions used to make it.

Paraffin liquid light is generally used to make soap bars, followed by glycerine. It has other uses as lubricants and refining agents in producing petrochemicals, candles, and cosmetics.

Yes, light liquid paraffin oil is used to cool various equipment, especially engines. It can also be used for cooling rooms and reducing electrical heating losses without raising the temperature.