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Industrial Oil Manufacturer

General Purpose Machinery Oil

General purpose machinery oil is a semi-synthetic oil created from blended base stocks and additives for general-purpose lubrication in industrial machines, such as oil extraction machines or oil press machines. This oil helps maintain the thin film of oil under light load conditions and helps prevent rusting even when idle. It can be used as part of an engine oil blend or on its own for machinery lubrication.

Features of General Purpose Machinery Oil

Multi-purpose Lubricant

It can be used as a multi-purpose lubricant, providing excellent oil film strength.

Very Good Adhesion

It makes for very good adhesion and boundary lubrication.

Excellent Operational Stability

General purpose machinery oil also has excellent operational stability, detergency, and dispersion.

Rust Resistance Properties

It has rust resistance properties, along with some antifreeze properties.

Excellent Thermal Stability

The oil usually has excellent thermal stability.

Properties of General Purpose Machinery Oil

Applications Of Premium Hydraulic Oil

The many uses of this oil include:

  • Machinery oils are suitable for circulating oil systems.
  • They are also suitable for many industrial hydraulic applications where non-additive oils are required.
  • They are frequently used as lubricating agents, especially in the textile industries.
Why Gandhar Oil is Well Known Among General Purpose Machinery Oil Suppliers

Gandhar Oil, with our over two decades of experience as machinery oil suppliers, is one of the most trusted machinery oil distributors for many reasons, namely: our products are wide and varied in range, they can be customised to your needs, and we’re always striving to add yet more innovative products to our repertoire so we can keep up with our consumers’ growing and ever-changing demands.

General Purpose Machinery Oil FAQs

Mineral oils are an excellent option if you’re looking for a lubricant to keep your power tools running smoothly. They are generally less expensive, biodegradable, and easier to dispose of than synthetic oil.

While mineral oils and synthetic oils both have their individual strengths and weaknesses, mineral oils are generally less expensive, biodegradable, and easier to dispose of than synthetic oils. At the end of the day, the only important thing is to pick a lubricant compatible with your machine’s framework and model.