What is the best engine oil & tips for pre-monsoon vehicle care?

preparing your vehicle for the monsoon season

Preparing your vehicle for the monsoon season? Here are the top tips!

As monsoons draw closer, the need to prep your vehicle also looms large on the horizon. A vehicle that isn’t ready for heavy rains can be a safety hazard and can bring home news, no one can ever foresee. Using the best engine oil for your vehicles, always comes in handy with respect to maintenance, however, it cannot save a dying automobile. Keeping your vehicles in robust condition, followed by administration of the best engine oil is the way to go. But what parts must you focus your attention towards as part of your preventive monsoon maintenance?

  • Pay special attention to the tyres

One thing you must always focus on is your tyre tread and even more so in monsoons. A good amount of tyre tread can completely change the way your vehicle functions (or doesn’t) during the rains. The logic behind this is fairly simple, wet roads severely compromise the needed traction. The normal oil leaks and vehicular fluids, worsen the situation.

how can i protect my car from monsoon

Tyre treads help improve traction by improving the grip and can be easily detected. Tyres today tend to have tread-wear indicators built into them. As the rubber wears down, the indicator thins out, as well. So the indicator wearing off is a clear cue to a much-needed change. Which is why you MUST keep a thorough check on tyre pressure and tread. Trust us, you don’t want to be on a slippery road with poor tyres!

  • Check in on the wires & battery

Monsoons are a clear indication of water all around. And two things that refuse to work well together are electricity and water – thus, making it essential for you to ensure that your electrical gear is in working order!

That’s not it – you must be certain that no wire from your electric maze remains exposed, because a shorting is one thing you don’t wish to experience. Improper wiring, in contact with water is a safety hazard for many, so ensure safety. Always use high-quality cables to avoid unpleasant consequences.

preparing your car for the monsoon

Other than this, it is also necessary to keep a check on your battery and its condition. Clean it of any kind of corrosion, be vigilant of the attached cables, and be well aware of how long you’ve used your battery for. Most batteries last up to 10 years, keep that in mind, so that you don’t get caught in the rains as your battery drains out. It is advisable to get the battery replaced if possible, since monsoons call for heavier use of electrical components like wipers and lights.

  • Monitoring the Condition of the Wipers

An overused vehicular component during the monsoon season is your pair of wipers. And since your wipers aren’t used round the year, they often get jammed or the rubber expands and breaks due to the hot summers. Be sure to have wiper-washer fluids in your car, topped up with soap or water to clear sticky debris from your windshield. Ensure that your wiper blades don’t leave smudges and lines, if they do, you need to have them replaced.

Monitoring the Condition of the Wipers

  • Don’t forget to SMS: ensure a Smooth Braking System

Good brakes can be your best friends in the rains! Braking distance gets significantly impacted in monsoons, due to reduced traction. This constant wear and tear of brakes can even lead to a complete failure, eventually. An easy solution to testing your brakes’ condition is to start the engine, before your drive, and letting your car idle for some moments. Then, press the brake pedal with uniform force. If your pedal sinks, a leak might’ve gone unnoticed. If you feel a judder on an everyday basis, your pads might’ve worn out and in that case, should be replaced.

Don’t forget to SMS: ensure a Smooth Braking System

Remember, at the end of the day, you are not a professional and your life is no game. Do get your braking system inspected frequently, especially before rains.

Other components you should consider keeping in mind during your pre monsoon maintenance include leaks, rusts, paint & body work, rear mirror, wing mirrors, and spares. Some other practical items that you ought to have in your car at all times would be some food, water, flashlight and a charger, just in case you find yourself stuck somewhere. Basic vehicular servicing, along with the best engine oil and other lubricants go a long way, so make certain you are on the right track this season of monsoon!

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