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Orchard Spray Oil

SanJose scale is one of the farmers’ biggest problems in their apple orchards. Orchard spray oil effectively kills the pests that cause SanJose scales in the apples and other fruits like peaches, pears, almonds, and so on. Divyol products can be mixed with insecticides to create a spray that suffocates the insects and kills them. It is a petroleum-based oil with no toxic effects on the human body. It is produced in large quantities by Gandhar Oil using high-grade base oils. It is of use during December and January. Gandhar is a huge orchard spray oil manufacturing company in India whose Divyol range is quite popular amongst apple farm owners.

Specification/Properties of Orchard Spray Oil






Clear & Bright

Kinematic Viscosity@40 °C, cSt

ASTM D 445


Flash point, COC, °C,



Pour Point, °C,


Minus 18

Thermal Stability test


Un Sulfonated Residue


Emulsification with water,24 hour

Stable Emulsion

Features of Orchard Spray Oil

  • The oil from the Divyol range has a clear and bright appearance, making it distinguishable for farmers.
  • It does not harm the human body as it is used on apple farms and covers the whole fruit to suffocate the insects.
  • The oil is mixed with wax-protecting guards to kill the insects in the trees by cutting off their water and air supply.
  • It can be used on farms of various citrus fruits like peaches, almonds, pears, and orchard crops.

Applications of Orchard Spray Oil

  • Despite being against the horticulture department’s spraying schedule, farmers use these products on their farms.
  • Being one of the best orchard spray oil suppliers, Gandhar Oil suggests that the customers mix it with water and create an emulsion to spray on apple crops and other orchard farms.
  • The horticulture department does not advise excessive oil spraying as it may also harm the tree by cutting off its supply of moisture.
  • Mixing 2 to 4 percent of water with the oil creates the necessary emulsion for keeping the SanJose scale and other pest-caused diseases away from the apple crops.
  • Divyol’s range is useful in multiple other cases involving citrus fruit crops.
How Gandhar Oil Is A Well Known Brand For The Orchard Spray Oil

Gandhar has gained a name for itself in its last twenty-five years of customer service. Gandhar Oil is a trusted name because of its high-quality products and customer reception. Firstly, the Divyol range of this oil is being used all over the country with thousands of happy reviews. It is easy to use the oil as an emulsion, and does not cause any toxic effects on the body. Moreover, the orchard spray oil price set by Gandhar is completely affordable. We have kept innovating on different products since it began operations. We consider customer reviews and deliver exactly what the market needs.

Orchard Spray Oil FAQs

Every year, the insects and pests that set on them destroy a very high percentage of the apple yield. The product is useful as an emulsion with water to cut off the air and water supply for the insects. It forms a protective layer over the fruit and ensures that diseases like the SanJose scale do not harm the yield.

There are a lot of orchard spray oil manufacturers in the country but choosing one amongst them takes a lot of work. The customers need to check for the base oils and the amount of water required to make the emulsion with the oil. Next, they should check if it is toxic to the human body. Divyol range from Gandhar is the perfect fit for all the farmers who require an affordable and effective product.