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Lube Oil

Lube oils are substances made of petroleum hydrocarbon distillate that reduce friction between surfaces and prevent wear. Lube oils have many applications; for instance, they are used in engines to reduce the heat generated by the engine, keep the engine cool, and help protect it from wear by keeping it well lubricated.

Features of Lube Oil

Designed to be Slippery

Lubricants can be either in liquid or solid form, but they all consist of some type of oil or grease, and they are designed to be slippery so that they do not allow metal surfaces to touch one another directly.

Improve their Performance

Most lube oils contain additives that improve their performance by reducing wear and increasing cooling efficiency.

Anti-wear Agents

The most common additives in lube oil are anti-wear agents, which have been shown to increase the life of the lubricant by reducing wear on machine surfaces.

Properties of Lube Oil

As a veteran lubricant oil manufacturer, Gandhar offers Machine Tool Way Lube Oils with the following specifications:

Applications of Lube Oils

The many uses of lube oils may include:

  • The main function of lube oil is to prevent two solid surfaces from coming into contact with each other and to reduce the friction between them.
  • Lubrication reduces the amount of heat generated by machine parts rubbing together.
  • Lubricants may be used to cool an engine, reduce wear in machine parts or bearings, provide protection against corrosion or rust on metal parts, and reduce drag on car tires.
  • Apart from that, it also helps in reducing the corrosion between the moving metal parts.
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Lube Oils FAQs

There are several factors to consider when choosing the right oil for lubrication, such as the type of the machinery used, the operating temperature of said machinery, and the engine used.

There are many different sources of lube oils, such as:

  • Petroleum, which is derived from crude oil and refined to produce gasoline, diesel fuel, and other hydrocarbons.
  • Animal fat, which can be used as a lubricant for machinery in the mining, construction, and farming industries.