Use the best engine oil in order to get a good mileage

tips to increase your bikes mileage using the best engine oil

How to increase your bike’s mileage – using the best engine oil and other tips

Using the best engine oil for bikes, alongside good and regular motorcycle maintenance can save you a lot of problems (and money). Not only do these help you extend the life of your vehicle, but also aid in increasing your bike’s mileage i.e., better fuel economy!

how to improve bike mileage using the best engine oil

From driving with a light foot to slightly over-inflating tyres, there are several ways to improve fuel economy;  even picking the right engine oil can make your bike go that extra mile! So continue reading for a handy checklist that can protect you from the rapid draining of your pocket and fuel tank!

Before we dive into the tips, let’s quickly understand why mileage is a significant part of your riding experience

One of the most important factors to check for before buying any vehicle is the mileage which it provides. Especially for someone who commutes daily, long distance or not. However, even with an existing vehicle that you own, it is possible to yield far better results, by simply keeping a few things in mind.

tips to increase mileage of your bike using the best engine oil

With the rising prices of fuel, mileage, which is the distance which a vehicle can cover with one litre of fuel, has become even more important. It becomes very difficult to maintain a heavy fuel drinker. So, for these problems, it is imperative that you get the best mileage on your vehicle.

So how can you avail the best possible mileage on your bike? 

  1. Your riding style can completely change your game
    easy tips to increase your bike's mileage using the best engine oil
  2. The way you use your bike for travelling can affect your bike’s mileage to a great extent. Your bike requires a gentle touch, when you play rough, you damage the internal components, which in turn leads to decreased or reduced mileage. Tweak your style for optimum performance. Avoid rash riding, sudden acceleration and braking.
  3. Chase a constant speed Driving at high speeds all the time, suddenly shifting gears, abrupt braking – all have consequences. While sudden shifts and braking are spoken of frequently, we often forget to talk about the absolute necessity of riding at constant speed over time. It is advised that you ride smoothly within a set range, ideally, 40 to 60 kph or 60-80 kph, depending on the traffic conditions around you.
    tips to increase your bikes mileage using the best engine oil

Kill the switch

To kill the ignition or not? – A question that’s always debated. Let us clear this for you, once and for all! Most traffic signals last longer than a minute. When you know that your vehicle needs to stay stagnant for more than thirty seconds, ALWAYS use the kill switch and turn off the engine. Not only will you save fuel, but prolong your engine’s life as well.

tips to increase mileage of your bike using the best engine oil

Is your carburetor being looked after?

how to improve bike mileage using the best engine oil

  1. Now this is a question no one asks enough. It’s something that doesn’t even cross your mind, does it? For those of you who don’t know, carburetor issues play a major role in degrading the bike mileage. You must get your bike checked to know whether the carburetor is tuned in fine or covered in dirt – in both these cases, fuel loss is HEAVY. Ensure recurring cleanups and re-tuning of the carburetor for lower mileage!
  2. Use the best engine oil! Not the best in the market, but for your bike
    Gandhar Oil

First and foremost, know your oil! Every engine oil comes with different names and there are over a dozen different types to choose from. But every oil container has a rating on it which shows its characteristics. Not every oil will perform the same at all temperatures though. Depending on the climate you live in, the oil you choose will differ. So always keep in mind that you might need different oil for different climates!

Secondly, the viscosity of your engine oil can be a deal breaker! Oils can be termed as thick or thin. Thick means high viscosity oils and thin is low viscosity. When the oil warms up, these polymers unwind to increase the viscosity of the oil. And the oil is bound to run high temperatures when the engine is put to use. Thus, picking the best engine oil  is a necessity to avoid oxidation and deposition of engine parts. The viscosity of an oil can be understood by its viscosity index.


Lastly, ensure frequent intervals between oil changes. These are manufacturer prescribed after testing the chosen oil’s effectiveness during testing.

That’s it! Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Because it is!

A few precautions and conscious alterations in the way you use your bike can really benefit you in the long run. If you follow these tips, alongside regular servicing, you will end up increasing your bike’s overall efficiency and get your hands on better mileage! Remember to always use the best engine oil for bike and continue taking care of it like you did when you bought it! Congratulations on budget friendly riding!

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