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Automotive Oil

4 Stroke Motorcycle Oil

4 stroke motorcycle oil4 stroke motorcycle oil is a dense blend of high-quality base oils that help your motorcycle engine achieve its best performance. 4 stroke motorcycle engine oil resolves the problems of deposit formation in the piston space and keeps the engine clean.

Gandhar Oil is renowned as 4 stroke motorcycle oil distributors in the automotive oil industry, and we bring a range of 4 stroke motorbike oils under our flagship brand Divyol.

Features of 4 Stroke Engine Oil

Improve Engine Performance

They are made of fine-grade base oils and additives that improve engine performance.

Stable Viscosity

They help in resisting oil film breakdown because of stable viscosity.

Reduce Engine Corrosion

The additives in them save the engine from corrosion caused by combustion by-products.

Properties of 4 Stroke Motorcycle Oil

Applications of 4 Stroke Motorcycle Oil

Uses of 4 stroke motorbike oil include:

  • Protecting the wet clutch systems at higher RPM and temperature.
  • Enhancing the engine life.
  • Lubricating the pistons.
  • 4 stroke bike engine oil works as an excellent heat sink and can protect the engine from  having a thermal breakdown.
  • 4 stroke motorcycle oil ensures cleaner combustion, and properly cleans the engine.
  • Protects of the engine from all sorts of wear and tear caused by internal functions and corrosion.
  • Provides a lubricant film between parts like main bearings, rod bearings, engine valve guides, etc.
Why Gandhar Oil is a Well Known Brand Among Automotive Oil Distributors

Products offered by Gandhar Oil under the brand name ‘Divyol’ not only meet global standards of excellence, but also they’re known for always being a step ahead of the contemporaries. Our car engine oils are developed as per current industry specifications including BSVI and API Standards, and they guarantee cleaner engines, greater fuel efficiency, better heat control, and an overall smoother ride. Our car engine oils are suited to all internal combustion engines. Plus, their optimal viscosity significantly increases engine efficiency and longevity.

The wide range of car oils available with Gandhar also exceed various API/ACEA/OEM specifications. They’re available in a range of viscosities, and they serve the needs of all IC engines that are fitted in any automobile run by gas, petrol, diesel etc. Excellent quality ensures better mileage and pickup, improved engine cleanliness, and reduced vibration.

4 Stroke Motorbike Oil FAQs

Remember that the 4 stroke motorcycle engine oil you pick for your bike should contain the additive film that would protect the pistons from wear and tear. Apart from that, if the oil can be used in sub-zero conditions, like Divyol’s range of 4 stroke motorbike oils, it is the perfect choice for your bike.

This can result in catastrophic disaster for your engine since adding a new 4 stroke engine oil before the prior one finishes will cause a difference in the chemical composition and viscosity of the fluids. This may harm the engine, and so using a singular engine oil at a time is recommended.