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Soft Gels

Softgels consist of a gelatin-based shell surrounding a liquid fill, usually taken orally. Softgel shells are made by injection moulding using high-temperature polyethylene or polyvinyl chloride as the material and solvent. Depending on the type of medicine and its dosage, these gels can be an effective and convenient oral bioavailability delivery system, especially when compared to conventional tablets and liquids.

As a leading brand among global softgel suppliers, Gandhar Oil brings softgels under our flagship brand name Divyol with purity 100% guaranteed.

Features of Soft Gels

Softgels are widely used to encapsulate vitamins, supplements, and medications. The advantage over conventional hard gelatin capsules is the ease of swallowing, which may increase patient compliance.

Features of softgels include:

Wide Range of Sizes and Colours

They come in a wide range of sizes and colours, and the outer shells are made from gelatin and coating material.

Preferred Choice for Researchers

They are the preferred choice for researchers and the pharmaceutical industry since they don’t leach out like liquids and have extended shelf life depending on the formulation.

Created Using Other Polymers

They can also be created using other polymers to form different shapes and colours.

Properties Of Softgel

Applications Of Softgels

A high-purity mix of mineral oil and polymers, Divyol Softgel is perfect for use in the manufacture of cosmetics, baby and hair care products, creams, moisturisers, and palliatives, among other similar products.

Uses of the product include:

  • They are generally easier to swallow than tablets and are very small and lightweight, so they can be a perfect alternative to conventional medicines.
  • They protect sensitive materials from being degraded by air and can help increase the bioavailability of certain compounds. Softgel capsules are commonly used in nutraceuticals, dietary supplements, and foods.
  • They can be an ideal element for enhancing the bioavailability of certain substances that are not properly absorbed by our bodies.
Why Gandhar Oil is a Well Known Softgel Manufacturing Company

Gandhar Oil products are manufactured with the finest ingredients and care, ensuring quality from the very beginning to the final product, making us one of the best softgel manufacturers in India. Our clients span continents, and in India alone we have built a community 4K+ strong. Our constant drive for innovation and bringing new products according to customer demands fortifies our position among top softgel distributors across the globe. 

Softgels FAQs

If you’re accustomed to swallowing large capsules, consider taking the softgels that contain enteric-coated or time-released ingredients; otherwise, make sure to cut the pill down to a manageable size. As long as you don’t chew, crush, or open any type of softgel, you should be okay.

The gelatin in it dissolves easily in the stomach, but the hard outer shell will not dissolve until it reaches your small intestine. This can take 20 to 30 minutes. Therefore, it is recommended that you take them with a glass of water or other beverage.