Is gear oil important for cars?

Should I switch to synthetic engine oil?

Is gear oil important for cars?
Vehicles, especially cars, are very complicated machines, made to withstand hundreds of thousands of kilometres of use. Motor Oil that goes into your engine keeps the gears and mechanisms inside your engine running smooth. However, it is only a part of the mechanisms that go into your car running. Axles, Transmissions, Bearings, Linkages and gear fittings go into the functioning of your car. All of these parts and more need lubrication, to make sure your vehicle runs smoothly and without breakdowns, or costly repairs. Even though it doesn’t need to be replaced as often as engine oil,  it is still very important to the health of your 125cc bike, royal enfield or sports bike, and passenger cars and other 4 wheel vehicles.

What is gear oil?

What is gear oil and where does it get used?
Gear oil’s importance cannot be undercut, it is as important if not more than motor oil to the functioning of your car. It is found in gearboxes, differentials, transaxles and transfer cases in most cars and assures the smooth functioning of these parts. These parts help put the power produced by the engine down to the ground, through the gearbox, then driveshaft, then axle and then finally the tires. Friction is as dangerous to these parts as it is to your engine, so having the best lubricant helps smoothen it out as much as possible. 

The problems with bad/old gear oil

Gear oil’s function is fairly similar to motor oil, where it lubricates parts that require it and prevents friction that may lead to breakages. The slow moving traffic in India only makes that harder on your engine oil and gear oil, but your gear oil is more exposed on the automatic transmission or manual transmissions so it is more susceptible to outside impurities. 

Old or low-quality gear oil results in overheating of the mechanical component, breakages, seal leakage and expensive repair bills. If you want to avoid that, we suggest sticking to a schedule of replacing your gear oil.  

  • GL-4 and GL-5 gear oils are the most common on the market, with Divyol’s Spine Gear Oil being our offering to the Indian Market. 

Remember, an inefficient gear oil is an inefficient vehicle, leading to many problems in the future and in the life-cycle of your 4-wheeler passenger car

The problems with bad/old gear oil

How do you know when it’s time to change your gear oil?
The transmission is one of the most fast-moving, frequent movement parts of the engine within it, engine oil and within the transmission and mechanical components of your 4-wheeler passenger car and its smooth function is how you know it is in good shape. Grinding noises, problems launching, gear grinding and clutch stiffness can mean that it’s time for a change. The recommended schedule is 50,000-70,000 kilometres for an automatic transmission and 90,000-150,000 for a manual transmission. 

Change your gear oil

We at Divyol produce gear oils to the highest requirements, making sure they function at their smoothest throughout their lifecycle. For more problems we suggest contacting your mechanic or manufacturer to understand which gear oil is the best for your car! 

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