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Cylinder Oil

Cylinder oils are high viscosity oils used in enclosed worm gears that function at a range of speeds and temperatures. Cylinder lube oils may also be used in steam engine cylinders. As cylinder oil manufacturers, Gandhar Oil offers cylinder lube oils created from high quality base stocks that provide protection against oxidation and thermal degradation.

Features of Cylinder Lubes

As a cylinder oil manufacturing company, Gandhar Oil offers several variants of the oil under our flagship brand name Divyol.  Some of their distinctive features include:

High Quality Base Stocks

Divyol Cylinder Oils’ unique formulation includes high quality base stocks that give your machines/equipment stronger resistance to oxidation, thermal degradation, and the build-up of harmful deposits caused by the high operating temperatures in steam cylinders.

Provide Effective Protection

They combine anti-wear and low-friction properties to provide effective protection against rust and corrosion, good film strength, excellent lubricity, and greater resistance to water washout.

Good Sealing Film

They establish a good sealing film around rods and in glands in steam applications, and facilitate very good water separation.

Function Excellently

They function excellently even under severe operating and variable load conditions.

Properties of Cylinder Oils

Applications of Cylinder Oils

Uses of these oils include:

  • The main function of cylinder oils is to reduce the friction between the piston and the cylinder surfaces, which leads to a smoother engine operation.
  • Cylinder lubes are used to protect steel from corrosion.
  • The cylinder lube oil also helps in preventing metal-to-metal contact and wear. The oil film reduces heat generation and prevents corrosion by acting as a barrier between metal parts.
  • However, high-grade cylinder lube oils are especially beneficial for steam engines, as they usually have a high viscosity index, which is an important property for gaining thermal stability.
Why Gandhar Oil is Well Known as a Cylinder Oil Manufacturing Company

Gandhar Oil Refinery is a well-known cylinder oil manufacturer with high flexibility to meet an end user’s requirements. At Gandhar oil, we constantly put innovation at the forefront of our decision-making when developing new lubricant products, making us one of the country’s most reliable cylinder oil distributors. Another key reason for our success is our company’s focus on continuing to produce high-quality lubricants that are both technologically advanced and cost-effective. When you add up these factors, Gandhar Oil Refinery might appear a world leader as a competent cylinder oil manufacturing company.

Cylinder Oils FAQs

The viscosity of this oil is determined by its base stock and additives. Base stocks are usually composed of hydrocarbons derived from petroleum.

Cylinder lubes have many applications, such as preventing metal-to-metal contact and wear. The oil film reduces heat generation and prevents corrosion by acting as a barrier between metal parts.