How to change engine oil in bike ?

Congratulations on bagging your very own sweet ride! This move towards freedom and embracing the thrill of chase deserves celebration and what better way to do that than to learn more about your bike! Gaining intelligence on your bike is a brilliant way to ensure the smooth functioning of it,in any circumstances. We all know the importance of maintenance and care when it comes to measures taken for preventing any mishap- most of the accidents involve bikes being neglected for a
longer duration.

The first step to start with is changing your bike engine oil- an obvious yet critical activity. While you would scoff at it saying “sure, I know the steps involved in changing motorcycle engine oil” turns out, a greater chunk of people aren’t aware! Before proceeding further, here are a few things that you would need- fresh bike engine oil, fresh oil filter, tool kit, drain pan, funnel, old rags, and the service manual for your bike.Now that you’re prepared, armed with the best engine oil for bike and other materials, here’s how to go about it:

Prep-up beforehand
Get your preparation in order- with a keen eye on the minutest details, from nut sizes to the exact quantity of the bike engine oil and so on. Pro-tip- you might want to ensure that you use the best engine oil for bike, to enhance upon the smooth functioning. Place your motorcycle on the centre stand/ rear paddock stand if you have one. Position the drain pan so that it is below the bolt releasing oil.

Drain old oil
Warm up the motorcycle before draining the bike oil, to ensure that it’s thinner. Open the bolt slowly and pull out the oil filter, to let it all drain out. Here, you need to be careful while taking out the filter, as it might just splash out, spilling hot bike engine oil around.

Put on the new oil filter
Of course, the subsequent step would be to replace the older filter with new. For that, take the new filter and pour a slight amount of fresh engine oil. Coat the filter evenly, shift the valve and put aligned. Take the bolt screw it back in where it was, tighten it carefully.

Pour in new oil
Refer to your maintenance booklet, to gauge in the exact amount of oil and transfer that amount into the measuring beaker. The exact capacity should be adhered to religiously, to prevent spillage. Locate the engine oil screw and open it. Position the funnel and gently pour the new engine oil. Screw the bolt back tightly.

While you have poured in the best engine oil for bike, your task isn’t over yet. Take a rag and clean all the surfaces used. Careful- this is a no spillage activity! Dispose the used engine oil and there you have it- you’re a pro in changing engine oil! With practice, this would come as second nature to you!

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