Basic Car Maintenance Tips

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Got home a new extension to the family? We know exactly how it feels placing your hands on the brand-new steering wheel, hitting the road and zooming past the hustle and bustle in the city. But do you know your automobile needs some regular care to keep it running like new?

You may have opted for a manual transmission or might have shifted gears to an automatic transmission, but just like a car will always require quality fuel and a good car engine oil to run on, car care tips are no different to a long-lasting relationship with this new member in your house.

Whether you are a new driver or have been taking your car out for years now, our specially curated maintenance checklist is sure to make your life as a car owner much easier:

  • Change the car engine oil regularly– Conduct a regular check of your car’s fluids ensure better performance. Check the car engine oil level and quality by removing the dipstick from the engine. When replacing the oil, stick only to the best car engine oil.
  • Keep a check on tire health– Maintaining good tire health prevents dangerous driving situations and maintains fuel efficiency, too. Get the tire pressure checked once every month and keep an eye on the tire treads, in case of a worn-out tire.
  • Know your dashboard warning lights– Every car has a comprehensive set of warning lights on the dashboard indicating an issue with the vehicle. Get to know each of these warning lights to timely address the problems in the car or take it to an expert if the warning light does not go off for long.
  • Check your air filters– Dirty or clogged air filter can reduce the airflow into the engine ultimately hampering the engine’s efficiency. Consider replacing your air filter every 20,000 km.
  • Perform regular brake checks– Inspect the brake pads and the brake fluid reservoir if you notice any issues out of the ordinary.
  • Regular servicing is a must – Getting your vehicle serviced with an authorised service centre is a must! While at it, only use genuine parts and the best car engine oil for your automobile. If unsure, ask for Divyol as the car engine oil to maintain the life of your engine.
  • Give it a good wash– A thorough cleaning of the exterior, interior and the exterior engine cleaning are detrimental to the vehicle’s long life. Debris in the wrong place can do a lot of damage if not cleaned in time.
  • Change the spark plugs– Lose spark plugs cause the engine to lose power and doesn’t let it function to its optimal capacity. Let a professional take a look at them and get them replaced in case they are faulty.
  • Drive better– The most important tip to consider while maintaining the health of your vehicle longer is driving safe and better. Riding over bumps in high speed, fast take-off, sudden braking, sharp quick turns are a few driving NO-NOS! It not only causes less wear and tear but also saves you on the fuel cost.If you promise yourself to adhere to these Car Maintenance tips, rest assured, your vehicle will never have to see a mechanic shortly.

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