Summer Car Care Tips


Beat the Heat – vehicle maintenance tips for the summer

With the winter season coming to a close, it’s a great time to get your vehicle ready for the summer. Just like us, our vehicles feel the brunt of the summer heat too, and require a little extra care to run with our worry. Whether you plan a summer road trip or stay close to the city, the last thing one wants is a heat-related vehicle issue. In this blog, we have made a comprehensive list of maintenance tips for vehicles to beat the heat and get your vehicle ready. 

Check the air conditioning – With the temperature running high in the summer, the last thing one wants is the air conditioning system fails. It can be a good idea to get your compressor, condenser, and cooling fans checked. 

Test your battery – The summers can be hard on batteries if you haven’t started your vehicle for a while. It is ideal to check the rubber coverings of the battery connectors and also check the age of the battery. If your battery is older than 5 years, it would be a good time to get a new battery. 

Coolant Levels – Your vehicle, be it two or four-wheelers, don’t run well at high engine temperatures, topping your coolant levels will ensure your vehicles maintain an optimum temperature ensuring smooth running. Look for leaks and visible signs of lowered coolant levels. 

Tire Inspection – Tires tend to drop the pressure in the winter, so inflating tires to the pressure levels mentioned in the owner’s manual can be crucial to avoid excessive tire wear and tear. Make sure your tires have plenty of treads left on them, if they seem to be flattened, getting a new set of tires would be advisable. 

Inspect your vehicle’s tire during summer

Oil Change – if you haven’t changed your engine oil in a while, it is a good practice to check oil levels and either top-up or get an oil change. Your vehicle maintenance records will indicate if you are due for a change. This would apply to both two and four-wheeler vehicles.

Wiper Blade Replacement – Extreme change in temperatures can be hard on the wiper blade rubber as they tend to harden over time. Changing the blades will ensure not just clear vision on the dusty days but also avoid getting scratches on your wind-shield.

Brakes Systems – Your vehicle brakes may seem to work fine, but there’s more to them than just working fine. Checking your rotors, brake pads and fluid lines for any damage can save you a fortune before they completely fail. 

Belts and Hoses – Most belts and Hoses are made of rubber, so checking for leaks or cracks will ensure your vehicle is not underperforming. 

Oil/Air Filters – Air and Oil filters should be cleaned or changed every season to make sure your vehicle is getting the filtration it needs to run smoothly. 

Clean your vehicle’s air and oil filter

The summer can be harsh but running a few checks and remembering to do a few  simple things like covering your vehicle when not in use will ensure a long life for almost most parts and the body of your vehicle. Following up on the above-mentioned checklist could save you a lot of money in the long run as preventing a problem is a lot cheaper than fixing one.

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