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5 Safety Equipments You Must Have in Your Car During Summer 

It’s that time of year when you’ll jump in your car and roll down the windows to enjoy the fresh, slightly warm summer air. You may even pop the trunk to see if there’s room for the beach towels. Before you hit the road, though, it’s important that you prepare your car in case something should go wrong this summer. Right from keeping a coolant handy to travelling with multipurpose tool – here are five items you must have with you during this season. 

#1 Multipurpose tool 

A multipurpose tool is relatively small and can fit right in your glove compartment. It is pivotal to have one in every vehicle in case of an emergency or a crash where it might help you cut loose from your seatbelt or help you smash the glass to ensure you can safely escape.

Multipurpose tool for cars

#2 Tire Inflator

A simple battery-operated tire inflator can save you the trouble of changing a flat tire in the hot summer heat. Most compact tire inflators connect either to the car battery or to the charging port in the car and can successfully inflate a flat tire within minutes. It may be a good idea to get the puncture fixed at the nearest gas station or service centre to avoid further damage.

Car tire maintenance during summer

#3 Lubricants and Fluids

It is wise to keep a few essential fluids like engine coolant, engine oil, wiper fluid, etc. Although these might not come handy in your day-to-day life in the city, in case you’re on a road trip and need to top up any of these lubricants or fluids it’s essential to have these ready. In the hot summers, our vehicles can run at high temperatures, and replenishing your coolant can be very important.

Coolant, engine oil, lubricants

#4 Fire Extinguisher

Having an updated and fresh fire extinguisher in your vehicle can be crucial to a situation involving a fire. It can be the first line of defence against fire and can be used on electrical equipment. Always remember to maintain a safe distance when trying to control a fire.

Importance of fire extinguisher in cars

#5 Torch

And last but not least – a high-quality torch with backup batteries is essential in every vehicle. Troubles hardly ever look at the clock before it strikes. A torch can come in handy for either a quick fix under the hood or can be used as an S.O.S signal in case of an emergency. 

Keep torch in your car

We always ensure our vehicle is well inspected, engine oiled up, fill up the fuel tank, and check for tire pressure. Sometimes we often overlook some of the essential safety equipment needed in case of an emergency. A flat tire, a dead battery, or some engine trouble at nightlife on the road can throw us various curveballs and it’s best we always stay prepared for them in every eventuality. Make sure you have a fire extinguisher, jumper cables, flashlight, first aid kit, tools, and an emergency blanket in your car at all times. As well as a gas can and an emergency warning sign. 

Summer essentials for your car

When temperatures are on an upward trend, it’s important to have your car stocked with these items to keep you safe, cool, and prepared!

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