Winter Car Maintenance Tips


How to protect and maintain your car during winters?

Given its vast expanse, India has multiple climatic conditions; the different territories of the country experience varying climates as per their locations, varied topography, and other physiographic factors. As the winter season approaches, the north part of the country will see a chilling cold and a temperature below zero degrees. Such harsh winter and its chilly winds are sure to beat the living daylights out of your car; the ice freezing in your engine, the wet and dirty slush or snow on the wheels and underbody, starting problems etc. Prevention of your car from the onslaught of the winter may require some winter-specific care methods that go beyond your regular ones. To ensure that the chills of the winter do not come in the way of your driving pleasure, we are here with some effective car maintenance tips that will shield your car from the merciless winter.

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Regular servicing and wash

In winter, snow, salt and mud stick to the wheels and underside of the vehicle – causing rust and corrosion. Moreover, colder climates may thicken the oil and grease, which can damage your engine too.

vehicle service

Regularly washing and getting the vehicle serviced ensures that minor issues are taken care of, residues are removed, parts are well oiled, and the engine is ready to roar on start.

Warming Up Your Car

In colder temperatures, the engine oil tends to thicken and takes more time to reach the engine. Warming up the car for 3-5 minutes before moving ensures that the oil reaches all parts of the engine and sufficiently lubricates them. A well-lubricated engine undergoes lesser wear and tear, and chances of its breaking down are minimised.

Windshield and Wipers Care

During winter, fog, mist, and smoke accumulate over the windshield. A pair of heavy-duty wipers effectively wipe them off your windshield and clear your vision. They are very crucial when driving in heavy snow and rain. Clean windshields and effective wipers ensure that your vision is not hampered and your safety is not compromised.

Windshield and Wipers Care

Inspect the condition of your wiper blades and windscreen; clean if dirty or replace them if damaged.

Check the battery

Low temperatures tend to freeze the distilled water present inside the battery required for the flow of electricity. When this water freezes, the battery’s ability to accept a charge reduces – not to mention the damage it causes. Therefore, regular inspection of the battery by a professional is a must.

Monitor the Tyres

During winter, roads get slippery due to snow and rain. Driving on such roads with worn-out tyres or improper tyre pressure can be fatal. Additionally, the tyre pressure tends to reduce in winters as the air contracts due to cold. Examine the condition of your tyre regularly, and check the air pressure frequently.

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Check engine oil and the coolant

Automotive lubricants like engine oilgear oiltransmission oil and brake oil tend to thicken in the cold climate. Using low-quality mineral oil will prove determinant to your engine as it will quickly freeze. Modern Engine Oils are engineered to stay fluent even in extremely cold weather. To choose the best automotive oil, one must know how they are graded and the correct oil grade for their vehicle in a particular driving condition. It is best to use manufacturer recommended oil mentioned in the owner’s manual. Additionally, keep checking your oil level and replace the oil after regular intervals.

Winter is coming, but you can relax! These effective safety tips will beat its chill and drive it away.

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